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Alex Jones to Glenn Beck; “Come On, Man!”

The blabbering smackdown continues as two pieholes gesticulate madly in the face of political darkness, buoyed (correct usage) by the nattering compliance of glass-eyed fans with dry brainpans. Each shadow-casting ember and random orb a dread conspiracy needs red-faced shouting at, and who better than contractually-obligated crazies like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck to do the job! But what happens when these nonlethal directed sound weapons sway course at each other, letting loose a hideously entertaining Doppler Effect of paranoia and schoolyard namecalling?

Who will live, who will die, or is there a happy medium?

Alex has a very unique idea of what ‘face-to-face’ means.

buoyed, tr.v.
1. To keep afloat or aloft.
2. a. To maintain at a high level; support.
b. To hearten or inspire; uplift:

Alex also apparently uses the ‘crystal ball’ as his scientific slide rule, but clearly doesn’t need it in this instance.

By sparring seriously, Beck and Jones each lend credence to the sincere and rational (respectively) beliefs and opinions held by the other.

Alex Jones sees you, boy. He sees you.


Maltese Falcon In Seven Minutes



Time Enough

Major props to thewalkingman on! Love the intro, and of course, two great tastes that taste great together! Who needs the Land of Oz when you live in the Twilight Zone?

~The Stranger


Heckler At Obama Speech to Congress: ‘You Lie!’


Why I love America

Would someone please tell me where it is that these things are happening so that I can go be there right now?


Time moves so fast it seems


Demo Reel


the Demo Reel that made me the multi-billionaire you all know, despise and envy today.

*with special thanks to DJ Izzum for helping to create the sick jams