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Eclectic Electric Experimentation


Experimenting with the waves of vibrating air particles entering your aural canal and interpreted by your neuro-chemical transmitters, tonight is an audio tribute to sound itself. The sounds of the street, the sound of music, the sounds of heavenly bodies and theoretical particles, digital, stereo, analog, reversed, phased, and modulated… you will be enslaved by sound waves!

Terraon – In The Hall Of The Mountain King  – Terramix
The X-Ecutioners – A Journey to Sound  – Uilt – Scratch (2001)
DJ Osiris – Listen  – Ropeladder 12
Projection – Intro/Abstractions  – Dusty Fingers
Jaylib – Champion Sound (Instrumental)  – Champion Sound – Complete Set
Cut Chemist – The Audience is Listening Theme Song  – The Audience’s Listening
Life Rexall – Surround Sound Table (Instrumental)  – Frequency Response
Bonobo – The Plug  – Animal Magic
Beastie Boys – The Sounds of Science  – Paul’s Boutique
De La Soul – This is a Recording 4 Living in a Fulltime Era (L.I.F.E.)  – 3 Feet High and Rising
Lord Finesse – Slave to My Soundwave  – Funky Technician
DJ Shadow – Fixed Income  – The Private Press
Gorillaz – Sound Check  – Gorillaz
Lamb – What Sound
The Human Expression – optical sound  – Optical Sound
Man or Astro-man? – The Sound Waves Reversing  – Made – Technetium
Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet – Malfunction  – savvy show stoppers
Seatbelts – Piano Black  – Cowboy Bebop
David Bowie – Sound and Vision  – Low
PJ Harvey – The Radio Oh Oh  – Uh Huh Her
Suzanne Vega – Blood Makes Noise
The Cars – Moving In Stereo  – The cars
The Residents – The History of Digital Music  – Liver Music
Frank Zappa – The Radio is Broken  – The Man – Utopia
Joy Division – Transmission  – Substance
The Pixies – Planet of Sound  – Death To the Pixies
Human Instinct – Stoned Guitar
Gong – Radio Gnome Invisible  – Best of Gong
The Shakes – http://www.crapcore.net  – Good job! keep on doing what the TV says!!
Man or Astro-man? – Stereo Phase Test  – Experiment Zero
Terry Taylor – Sound Effects Record #32  – Neverhood Songs
Hardy’s Jet Band – Selected Sound
Len Spencer – First Recorded Promotional Message  – Edison Records

Stranger in a Strange Land 2010-07-03: Eclectic Electric Experimentation by The Stranger on Mixcloud

~The Stranger

“I give pleasure to all!”