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We delve into the science of evil, ponerology, with Harrison Koehli of the Ponerology Blog, http://ponerology.blogspot.com.

Terraon – In the Hall of the Mountain King – Terramix
Emir Kusturica & the No Smoking Orchestra – Devil in the Business Class – Unza Unza Time
Voltaire – When You’re Evil – Boo Hoo!
Rochelle Rosenthal & the Kickball Queen – Lottery
Aphex Twin – Stone Focus – 51/12
Ozzy Osborne – Mr. Crowley – The Essential Ozzy Ozbourne
Alice Cooper – Go to Hell – Goes to Hell
Nino Rota – Halls of Fear – Godfather Soundtrack
Howlin Wolf – Evil – Chess Box
Nina Simone – Sinnerman
Necro – Evil Shit – Instrumentals
Extended Famm – Evil That Pens Do
Madvillain – The Illest Villains – Madvillainy
Michael Jackson – Thriller
Gein and The Grave Robbers – The Soul Collector – Songs in the Key of Evil
Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet – Shake Some Evil/Our Weapons Are Useless – savvy show stoppers
Matt Hole – Temple of Doom – Rockabilly Express
Elvis Costello – When I Was Cruel (Island Def Jam 2002)
Esa-Pekka Salonen & Los Angeles Philharmonic – Psycho, Suite for Strings: IX. The Knife – Herrmann – The Film Scores
Willie Nelson – You Look Like the Devil
Elvis Presley – You’re the Devil In Disguise

Stranger in a Strange Land 2010-01-30: Ponerology by The Stranger on Mixcloud

~The Stranger

Microwave Harassment

The Stranger sits in the studio with Christine Harris, victim of organized stalking, energy weapons, psychotronic weapons, microwave harassment, the whole smorgasbord.

Marimba Bells – In the Hall of the Mountain King
They Might Be Giants – Shadow Government – The Else
Bob James – Valley of the Shadows
Jimi Hendrix – House of the Rising Sun
Doors – People Are Strange – Best of the Doors
Hardy’s Jet Band – Selected Sound
Seatbelts – Spy – Cowboy Bebop
Thievery Corporation – Indra – the Mirror Conspiracy
Amon Tobin – Bridge – Permutation
Gorillaz – Faust – G Sides
Cyrus & Random Trio – Dark Future – from the Shadows
Necro – Black Helicopters – Instrumentals, Vol. 1
Joe Beats – Narcissist – Diverse Recourse
Ratatat – Nostrand – Classics
Deltron – Mastermind – Deltron 3030
Non Phixion – The CIA Is Trying to Kill Me
Quasimoto – Low Class Conspiracy – The Unseen
Dr. Dre – The Phone Tap – Keep Their Heads Ringing
The Coup – MindFuck (A New Equation) – Pick a Bigger Weapon
Pete Moore – Shady Blues
Kosma – Atlantis – Early Works
Absolute Elsewhere – Future Past
Patchwork – Panorama Gem – Psychedelic Chillout
Jedi Mind Tricks – The Apostle’s Creed – Instrumentals
Ralf Nowy – Escalation – Awake and Dreaming
Tsuchie – Sneak Chamber – Samurai Champloo
Ozdemir Erdogan Ve Orkestrasi – Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim – Love, Peace and poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music
The Microphones – Spy Cameras – Tests

Stranger in a Strange Land 2010-01-23: Microwave Harassment by The Stranger on Mixcloud

~The Stranger