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Progger (Prog Rock + Prog Politics)

With so much trouble in the USA, I’ll need some complex and conceptual instrumentation to help my concentration in relation to the the shifting paradigms and persecutions perpetrated by the status quo!

With Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) holding hearings on contraception and religious freedom that produced the now-famous picture of a table full of men called to weigh in on access to contraceptives, barring women from testifying like a strict theocratic state in the Middle East!

With police arresting the victim of wrongful foreclosure simply for demanding a place to live for his family!

With our elected officials answering to the wealthy instead of the rest of us, or better, all of us equally, their priorities shift dramatically, often against the American people!

With cyberwar hype fuelling a cybersecurity-industrial complex! With private corporations pushing for stricter criminal penalties for smaller crimes to fill the coffers of their prison-industrial complex!

Angry political ranting, longform chaotic musical experimentation, space-time exploration, and run-on sentences abound in this very progressive episode of the Stranger in a Strange Land!

In the Hall of the Mountain King – Electric Light Orchestra
Departure/Ride My See-Saw – Moody Blues
Stagnation – Genesis
Dharma for one – Jethro Tull
The Idiot Bastard Son – Jean-Luc Ponty
Myopic Void – Captain Beyond
No Good Trying – Syd Barrett
Cops & Robbers – Wild Man Fischer
A Story of Mysterious Forest – Ain Soph
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-IX) – Pink Floyd
Stoned Guitar – Human Instinct
South Side Of The Sky – Yes
Alucard – Gentle Giant
2112 – Rush
Promenade – Tomita
From the Beginning – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Epitaph – King Crimson

Stranger in a Strange Land 2012-02-18: Progger by The Stranger on Mixcloud

Though you may hear progressive chants on anything from income equality to prisoners, racist police brutality to corporate fraud, bought-out politicians subverting our democracy or people getting kicked out of their homes or nonviolent small-case drug offenses leading to convictions or student loan justice… the message is clear. We don’t want non-elected and/or bought power-mongers controlling us and corrupting every inch of our once-free and once-great nation of laws and justice.

We need to be wary of all kinds of things that will lead us into a totalitarian dictatorship, or the patriarchal oligarchy that enslaves us to the fanatical right-wing beliefs of a select few. Did the people of Weimar Germany know what would be coming a few decades later? And before you accuse me of unfairly applying Godwin’s Law, I’ll also use France as an example. Did the violent revolutionaries overthrowing the rich monarchs know that a militant megalomaniac would conquer much of the world in a few years’ time? I’m not invoking nazis to compare any modern group to them, (that would make me Glenn Beck) just as an example that we are NOT on some liberal march as a species to a better tomorrow. While awareness of human rights has been relatively progressive overall, heinous acts still take place not only in third-world nations but in every nation in the world, and if history is any indicator, a great period of civil liberty can be followed by evil Emperors or cruel tyranny.

~The Stranger

Because “progressive” in this day and age, just means trying to keep us from going backwards.

Occupy the Airwaves!

Still reeling from the Mutiny Radio occupy coverage, and a fantastic week of bloody internet battle, The Stranger interviews Kyle McCarthy of Occupy Student Debt and ‘Default: The Student Loan Documentary‘ about the usury and predatory practices of large corporations like Sallie Mae. If corporations are people, they are really, really bad people.

In The Hall Of The Mountain King – The Marimba Belles
the upper class – the poets of rhythm
Hogan’s -Simon Haseley
You Wish -Nightmares On Wax
Wanderer’s Lust -The Joe Beats Conspiracy
Sacrifice (Instrumental) -Liferexall
High Noon -Dj Shadow
Anything Can Happen -Souls Of Mischief
Mist -Tsutchie
Chinese Water Torture -Jedi Mind Tricks
Lost Invisible -Think
Come Rain Or Come Shine -Dinah Washington
I Wish It Would Rain -The Temptations
In The Rain -The Dramatics
Stop The Rain -Average White Band
Journey To Arnhemland -Jamiroquai
Beyond The Darkness -Mr. Hill
Dream Sequence-Amon Tobin
Suicide Sun Gem-Akasha Project
School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)-Chuck Berry
Late For School-Steve Martin
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)-Pink Floyd
Bali Ha’i-Tak Shindo
La Longue Marche-Janko Nilovic
The Pickup-Nino Rota
Piano Black-Seatbelts
Incidental Black Cloth-K Fleins Field
Anger Management-Dan The Automator
4:08-Clutchy Hopkins
Electric Blue-Danny Edwardson
Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim-Ozdemir Erdogan
I just want to make love to you – etta james

~The Stranger

the revolution will be podcasted

The ’12 Comeback Special

A syzygy of dimensions align, the nexus of all realities opens and eclipses Friday the Thirteenth, and the Stranger recalibrates his time circuits and returns to the airwaves, chats with DJ Yuri G and the Handyman about the events of the last year, the Robot War for the Future he averted with Ze Black Waffle, SOPA, NDAA, PIPA, timequakes, biometric databasing, conspiracy theories, and Mayan predictions for the end of the world

“The Dominators” (Serial TT): TARDIS (New Landing) – Brian Hodgson
Phantom Patrol (1903) Aeolian Piano Roll 3113 (part 2) from The Wizard of Oz
“Galaxy Four” (Serial T): Chumbley dome (rises/falls/rises/falls) – Brian Hodgson
That Hall of the Mountain King – Lawrence Welk
Ripple – Grateful Dead
Beware of Darkness – George Harrison
Blood On The Motorway – DJ Shadow
Stranger In A Strange Land – Leon Russell
Hard Luck Story – The Illinois Speed Press
Child In Time – Deep Purple
Sign of the times – Bob James
Ding Dang – My Brightest Diamond
So This Guy at My Office – Jens Lekman
Universal Applicant – Bill Callahan
El Manana (Instrumental) – Gorillaz
Homens – Manu Chao
Conspiracy of Truth – Anti-Pop Consortium
Earth People – Dr. Octagon
absolute – fat jon
House That Rocked – Grandmaster Flash
Planet Rock – Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force
Life On Mars – Dexter Wansel
Lyn Christopher – Take Me With You
Standing in the Shadows of Love – Barry White
Something About Us (Love Theme From Interstella 55555) – Daft Punk
The Sun Instrumental – ARE
Soul Shadows – Bill Withers
“An Unearthly Child” (Pilot Episode): Entry into the TARDIS – Brian Hodgson

Stranger in a Strange Land 2012-01-14: The ’12 Comeback Special by The Stranger on Mixcloud

So what did we miss in 2011? A Japanese crisis, Gifford shooting, death of Steve Jobs, the survival of Anthony Weiner, some big British wedding, a bunch of NY Gay weddings, fracking, Iraq War “ends”, and water on Mars? 2011 said “out with the old, in with the new” as we saw the continuation of the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, protests in Algeria, Iraq Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, with Southern Sudan Independence. Greek Protests against austerity, London Riots against brutality, Indian Protests against corporatism, and Occupations of Wall Street and all around the world. Anonymous and other hacktivists working in the seedy underbelly of the net.


War criminals, terrorists, dictators were cut down (or simply expired), Osama Bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki, Qaddafi, Mladic, Hadjic, Kim Jong Il…


The oligarchical status quo remains, but does not remain unchallenged. Rupert Murdoch and his Newscorp under fire, Wall Street is on edge, and the US presidential candidates? They want to distance themselves from the elitist image as much as they can. There are threats that remain, transparency of information being eroded and basic rights to question and defend with SOPA, NDAA. As predicted by George Orwell (and this show) the very definitions in our language are all changing for privacy, censorship, copyright, surveillance, social networks, war, national and international economics, corporations (legalized corporate fraud and political bribery), the Constitution, and what exactly defines an enemy combatant or terrorist? Can our world leaders actually recognize what the rest of us are loudly clamoring for? What needs doing?

We’re sick of waiting for CHANGE from abovebring it about yourself! Is it part of the sick human condition that the true idealists must be crushed, and those few that succeed end up the monsters they overtook and defeated against all odds, and perpetuate the same slavery of mind and poverty of stomach? do we dare hope to believe that mankind will throw off the chains and erupt forth as a better species, a more mindful and careful progeny and guest star to our host planet, a better steward to future generations, and responsible and rightful engineers of our cosmic destiny? Are we cursed to render for ourselves only two choices, and often not even enough wisdom to choose the lesser of two evils? Is change even possible?

Or maybe the world ends in December.  the “Doomsday clock” is one minute closer to midnight, after all In which case find yourself a good seat and a case of your intoxicant of choice. But, and I hate to burst the doomsayers’ bubbles, the more frightening prospect is usually the correct one, that things go on this uncurtailed course towards disaster, a caroming minecart of unsustainable corruption, greed, and trickle-down solipsism. Lies on top of lies, until the digitally interfaced reality we all now share is a constant incongruency of truth, with every avatar for themselves.

Look at what was NOT done this year: Gauntanamo was not closed, these Wall Street swindlers have not been indicted with any of their crimes, drone strikes are not ending in countries we are not at war with, Palestinians are still being marginalized, immigrants in our country are having their human rights trampled, people are still being killed by terrorists, the economies of the world are not recovering in meaningful ways that address the fissures allowing corruption and crime, the government is still aiding the drug cartels while prosecuting small nonviolent domestic drug crimes, governments threaten free speech with censorship, mainstream media with blacklisting ideas, and free assembly with police brutality, surveillance and private information collection is increasing, security for the sake of liberty, whistleblowers like Julian Assange Bradley Manning and Thomas Drake are jailed, our country still challenges and boxes in Iran, the news continues to mislead us, nuclear proliferation, military networks are indefensible, the approaching digital war of national espionage, freelance, hacktivist, terrorist, and anarchist, there still abounds racism and homophobia in every branch of government and military… and we still have no flying cars.

Things are strange enough in this land already.

It’s not as though I would normally choose to believe in massive worldwide conspiracy, or that twelve (probably white rich males) run everything, when you see how unapologetic the top CEOs and politicians in this country and around the first world are about maximizing profits by stealing from the middle and lower classes, reducing more and more amenities and rights so they can lie about how much they’re really earning and sitting on not creating jobs or reinvesting in the economy when you see politicians not only accepting corporate bribes but legalizing the process, and even refusing to prosecute fraud and crimes that are destroying the world much more immediately than any ecological threat (there are those too), or even collect their due taxes, enough to pay the annual deficit! when you see how much violent lashback on-point economic disparity protestors in all parts of the world are seeing, whether its the poor rising up in Middle Eastern countries against oppressive oligarchies there and having to face tanks and bullets, or the protest demonstrations of occupy in major cities worldwide, met with varying levels of criticism, rhetoric, slander, loss of rights, loss of property, police brutality, and imprisonment… it makes you really wonder…

Low-wage earning Police covering badge names and confiscating phones and jailing reporters to cover their asses as they are pitted against other low-wage earners or laid-off workers defending and practicing their constitutional rights and you can get pix from Mars sent to your phone now!

Which is good, since the shuttle program ended in 2011 with no apparent replacement. However the first private spaceship has docked to the ISS, and another Mars probe is set to land on Mars this year.

150 billion possible planets, or that perhaps even the 200-400 billion possible solar systems must have at least one planet each when you think of the fact that as our technology gets better and better, we are discovering new exoplanets, more and more Earth-like by orders of magnitude, and in only a tiny portion of the night sky being checked by Kepler satellite, soon to be replaced with something even greater…

Welcome to 2012, the last and finest year.

~The Stranger

“White House officials have denied all allegations of the President’s Martian travels, or the existence of a Mars training class. But, of course, they would.”

Strange Days Have Found Us

Well, we’ve really done it. Ze Black Waffle and I have returned triumphant from waging the Robot War for the Future against SpaceWeb and its mechanical forces of cold calculation. We are safe from the existential threat of malevolent, artificially-intelligent automata… for now.

Unfortunately, in preventing a horrific potential future from coming to pass, we may have accidentally set into motion an equally-dystopian (if somewhat less lazer-burning) future of corporate takeover and constitutional debauchment! We sincerely apologize if the butterflies we crushed in our reckless traversing of spacetime resulted in the awful offshoot reality of japanese earthquakes, #NDAA, #SOPA, and #DNF (Duke Nukem Forever). Sorry about all that.

I am impassively dedicated to covering the disturbing developments as they formalize and gel into our present, with Mutiny News, twitter, and The Stranger in a Strange Land. We welcome your insights, shared posts, rantings, musings, and dark prophecies, as each unfolding event of doom is rewritten newly before us.

Archived Stranger in a Strange Land shows from the Imperial era are being lovingly polished, annotated, timestamped and uploaded, both on the Mixcloud and on the Stranger‘s own blog of Absurdist Noir. Sadly, the same timequake that causes the fabric of reality to tremble EVEN NOW is also responsible for the loss of several of those archived shows. We soldier on, all of us, into the dark unknown.

For the the most multifarious (that’s multifaceted + nefarious) tunes and freshly-lacquered commentary, check out the Stranger in a Strange Land, Sat. 2am-4am (that’s Friday night going into Saturday mornings). For interviews involving eclectic esoterica, write to thestranger@earthling.net. For general Mutiny Radio coverage, send your aggregated articles, accomplishments, muckraking investigations, and fluffy public interest pieces to thestranger@earthling.net. For that money I owe you, see me next Friday.

Paul Harvey News and Comment brought to you by Natural Gas! It’s totally natural

“Hello, America. This is Paul Harvey. Stand by for news! You’ve heard the news, in a moment you’re going to hear… more news. But first… the news.

Today’s news of most lasting sssignificance may be this: Now, new strategy in the Middle East: Most world leaders say no to peace in the Middle East. Psychic Selma Hayek was very critical, not sunflower oil. So says Islamic Extremist Iman O’Doderincoot. Iman has never once forgotten an anniversary. The President of these United States of America and also Missouri addressed the Congress of these United States of America and also Missouri today in a tirade that the press are calling the “State of the Union!” address, to compel them to approve another sixteeeen billion dollars in military spending? He said: There is no way… no way… no way Hezbollah’s missiles will ev-er be de-stroyed… no way. We are fighting a war that cannot be won. Cannot be won? And Congress approved his bidget without any unanimity or carousal. Wal*Mart em-ploy-ees could still veto.

It’s true. Just like your local True Value Hardware Store. When you let a True Value Hardware Store into your commercially zoned district then you’re making less room for drug-addled moms and pops peddling their ill wares. Ill! Why, with new advancements in technology, scientists are predicting that a local True Value Hardware Store could protect you from the oncoming super-hyper-mega-global-superstorm. And it’s gonna be big, too! Support your local True Value Hardware Store, the only Hardware Store that guarantees not… not to kidnap your daughter, and you’ll know you couldn’t have a better neighbor.

Numismatists will be displayed at the Denver World Fair, teeeeen nineteen-thirty-three gold double-eagle standards be-yond price, but by that date only Chicago will be above water.

This scientific development may be of the utmost crucial significance to our modern world since the first sssssslicing of bread back in 1492. Scientists, scientists have discovered the fossils of born-again robots on the moon, each resplendent with cap-sules for Ocular Nutrition and Health! Don’t believe me? Of course you do. I’m Paul fucking Harvey.

Anybody in Detroit who has been pointing laser beams at the airplanes, don’t do that. It’s not nice and several pilots have complained.

Donald Raaaaaay Bizbeeee sent bomb threats and anthrax to the FBI with his full name and return address. Donald Ray Bizbee was married yester-day to Alabama, page two. How many ninety-six-year-old college radio stations do you know with a blue-belt in karate? I know of one. Caroline Eggplant keeps her virgin bones pure with ssssssscitrical. Citrical hides its neuropeptides behind fudge, and caramel, and butter! Virgina Cootch says that the pain in her knees has only gotten worse. The horr-or. The unbearable horr-or.

She’s spunky! Yes, she’s spunky! When faced at knifepoint by grown men pretending to be cowboys, Deuteronomous Jones grabbed a carving knife four-teeeen inches long, and in her best Austral-i-an accent intoned the words, “You call that a knife? This is a knife.” That story… may or may not… be true?

Look, ma. On top of the world.

College Newspapers across America and also Missouri are printing editorial comment on noted actor Jeff Goldblum. But (chuckles) the youngsters say it’s not all their fault. (serious) It came to them in a dream..

A woman in Mesa, Arizona shot dead in the street seven times in the chest and her lifeless body ravaged by necrophiles who have already killed eleven. Was it or not… fould play? Go on to the website and tell us your story about a stand-strong woman you know.

Walgreens has more than seventeen-thousand drive-thrus! Now you can get your drugs even faster in this secure system. The makers expect to fill.. the… sky… with them. Two more reasons PauL Harvey won’t confess to murder.

And now. For what it’s worth: We’re standing around dying, to chant our feeble litanies, to think sweet thoughts, to do good deeds, the altar lights grow pale and dim, the bells hang silent in the tower- so passes with the dying hymn our little hour. We cannot remain indecisive and scorekeeping, our founding fathers denies us that ethical asylum by elbowing smallpox blankets and chiggers.. chiggers! Aglow with luminary up and down the discovery of the West across the shores and continents in nineteen-forty-eight for your Bose-wave radio. Small-town full-time policemen going by their first name and American self-righteousness: and nothing is right or wrong but thinking makes it so, and (chuckles) I don’t know, but I think we’re right. Praiseworthy weapons in silos of hope have made us what we are today, a trial by fire, not made of sugar-candy. And we grew prosperous. Yes, we greased our toenails with the sweat of slaves in 98% of all cases. They do not believe what I have just told you. But what I have just cited is true, and everybody knows it. Everybody but the United Nations, the Offices of Judicious International Immigration Revue, tomato-plants and even foreign fire crews at the National Academy of Sciences. And at the edge of this genocidal nation-state, a while butterfly flies overhead rows and rows of stallions, and snap-peas and Agalinis purpure, purple foxgloves… under scrutiny of the Federal Food and Drug Administration… for soon friends, maybe we can answer that age old question of what is right? Well, friends, right is just left going the… other… direction?…

Paul Harvey. Good day?