realityWell, the quantum experiment failed, though people are screaming in the streets. I think that’s mostly because Barack Obama won his re-election. Of course, the more things stay the same, they more they change, so we’ll take a look at exactly what the status of quo is following a hard-fought campaign season of false promises, a first term of capitulation, and a platform of lies.

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With glitches, screw-ups, and assorted shenanigans galore, this ended up being the most expensive election ever, a whopping $6 billion. Millionaire political donors still ended the night with far more influence than the American people. Make no mistake about it, the Big Money won big, and inequality in political wealth undermines the principle of “one person, one vote” and threatens our very democracy.

Voting and civil rights activists said Tuesday that Pennsylvania’s voter ID law was causing mass confusion across the state as people tried to go to the polls. Voters waited in lines for hours, many asked for photo identification, and some were even turned away, despite a judge ruling that this was illegal.

“We’ve definitely gotten reports about voters being turned away,” Eric Marshall, co-director of the Election Protection coalition, told TPM. “We’ve had reports of people who have shown up, been asked, and when they didn’t show ID they were turned away.”

Americans need to look inside ourselves, reflect on our values and question: why do we allow our fellow citizens’ votes to be discounted? Why do we put up with this?

Long lines were the story for in many poor neighborhoods across the country, while Florida’s Governor Scott Brown reduced early voting times. Neighborhoods of color were disproportionately affected, a repeat of 2008:

The AFL-CIO study tracked with similar findings in other recent elections. An MIT survey of 10,000 voters in 2008 found that waits for African Americans were more than twice as long as those for white voters for both early and election day voting.

Conservatives are already jumping on any faulty claims they can to delegitimize the SCARY BLACK MAN!

1. Claims of Fraud
2. Voter Suppression
3. Mitt Romney Wasn’t Conservative Enough
4. Moochers Just Want to Mooch!
5. God is Punishing Us
6. The Liberal Media

Speaking of the biased media, FOX News now has to mend its wounds after such a truthy trouncing. After Obama’s victory and Karl Rove‘s suspiciously obstinate freakout, the Spin Zone immediately took effect with FOX pundits wearing purple in defeat.

Last night, lamenting the fact that America is no longer the exclusive land of white people, Bill O’Reilly said that America was becoming a country of people who just “wanted stuff.”

“Half the country says it’s time we deal with these huge massive problems, and a little more than half the country says, ‘Nah we don’t feel like dealing like them.’” ~Charlie Hurt of the Washington Times

A Fox correspondent reporting from Ohio said, “Ohio election official says illegal votes were cast in the state!” If you want to know how many, Fox won’t tell you.

It may just turn out that constantly lying, distorting stories to suit your ideological bias, race-baiting, appealing to fear, and denying reality won’t win you elections! They’re really only hurting themselves. This is an allegation not only against the Conservative Media, but the Liberal Media as well. FOX News (et al) are just much worse perpetrators of their self-delusion bubble.

Their self-reinforcing worldview resulted in a year of magical thinking that obscured what was really happening this election cycle.

And in fact, those voter-suppression tactics seemed to have backfired on the GOP, with minorities showing up in full force in what may also prove to be the greatest turnout of African American voters ever. Exit polls show that the black vote in this election appears to have exceeded the record high turnout of 2008, despite the fact that this year even more people had to wait on lines for hours, endured confusion at polling places, were told to produce IDs that the law does not require, and made to cast provisional ballots because of snafus at election sites.

“Funny thing about black folks — just try to tell us we can’t do something,” said Dr. Ron Daniels, former third-party presidential candidate and former executive director of the Rainbow Coalition

Mitt Romney lost Latinos by unprecedented margins — even worse than the initial exit polls showed — according to a study by Latino Decisions.

An election eve poll of 5,600 voters across all 50 states by the group, which has researched the Latino vote throughout the campaign, concluded Obama won by an eye-popping 75-23 margin.

Young people, as in 2008, seemed to have overwhelmingly voted for Obama.

Interestingly, the numbers appear even more damning in the Republicans’ hatred against MuslimsIn the 2000 election, approximately 70% of Muslims in America voted for Bush; among non-African-American Muslims, the ratio was over 80%. Four years later, Bush’s share of the vote among Muslims was 4%. It never recovered.

“There is simply no way that I can justify voting for a party that denies the very legitimacy of my identity as an American.” ~Anonymous Muslim-American

Luckily, many of the Anti-Muslim (human-hating) Caucus were not re-elected.

And even the Mormons, a group Romney should have been able to count on, voted for Bush by a slightly higher margin than “their own” candidate.

A Pew Research survey of voters by religion found that a higher percentage of Mormons voted for George W. Bush in 2004 than Mitt Romney in 2012.
According to Pew, in 2004 Bush got 80 percent of the Mormon vote, while Romney got 78 percent this year.

Apparently, nobody wanted Mitt Romney to be president.

Americans elected their first openly gay senator, legalized recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado, increased the number of women on the U.S. Senate to 20 (the most yet), and New Hampshire became the first state to have an all-female congressional delegation in United States history.

In Hawaii, Japan-born Mazie Hirono became the first Asian American woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate, while Tulsi Gabbard became the first-ever practicing Hindu in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a way, the O’Reillys of the world are right to be scared. Changing demographics like this are dooming the current GOP, where fully 89 percent of Romney’s 2012 voters are non-Hispanic whites.

“Obama wins because it’s not a traditional America anymore,” Bill O’Reilly said on Fox News last night.  “The white establishment is the minority. People want things.” Things like.. ya know… rights. Perhaps the disenfranchised minorities who are relegated to the lower classes might have voted for the guy if he hadn’t said things like “I’m not concerned about the very poor.”

Via Salon:

Much of the GOP — think Romney, Mourdock, Akin — cling to a political narrative according to which white male voters are “conservative” and “minority” voters are “liberal,” and where white male voters are self-sufficient and everyone else is dependent.  It’s exactly this form of white-on-white racial profiling, a fear of the future, that produced the election’s outrageous comments about unions, the poor, rape, women, minorities and the like.

Why did conservative straight white men self-destruct so spectacularly this election? Perhaps because, in trying to secure the votes of other white men, they failed to notice that these white men have mothers, daughters, gay relatives and/or friends who are racial minorities; and that other white men are suffering economically.

Maybe the Republicans’ election-night drubbing will be enough to convince them to quiet the extremists in their midst, but probably not. Already, there are those screaming to secede from the union. Anti-American traitors:

“We must contest every single inch of ground and delay the baby-murdering, tax-raising socialists at every opportunity. But in due time, the maggots will have eaten every morsel of flesh off of the rotting corpse of the Republic, and therein lies our opportunity.” ~Peter Morrison, Treasurer of the Hardin County Republican Party

Even now, Republicans are turning on each other, referring to their ‘shitty candidates.’

Via TPM:

But the Republicans aren’t the only ones deluding themselves. Both President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are calling for the GOP to drop its acts of obstructionism, especially when it comes to the debt ceiling fight and the budget.

“What we need is action from the House. And I’ve got the pen — ready to sign the bill right away.” ~Barack Obama

Republicans, bitter and spiteful, are already promising to throw us off the fiscal cliff.

In an exclusive statement to the  far-right , McConnell promised conservatives that he wouldn’t be willing to raise taxes at all to avoid the automatic spending cuts and tax hike trigger that will otherwise go into effect

Because that’s something the Big Money wants. Neither side will acknowledge that the entire fiscal cliff is an entirely fake, engineered crisis. But if our elected officials can throw Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, disaster relief, food assistance, housing and other threatened programs under the bus, they would happily do so if it meant big handouts and tax breaks for major corporations.

Of course, that’s not good enough for the billionaires, who are already threatening to fire their employees should the President do… I don’t know… anything.

“If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as our current President plans, I will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company. This means fewer jobs, less benefits, and certainly less opportunity for everyone.”

~David Siegel, the founder of Central Florida Investments and Westgate Resorts

“I explained to them a month ago that if Obama gets in office that the regulations for Obamacare are gonna hurt our business, and I’m gonna have to make provisions to make sure I have enough money to cover the payroll taxes, the additional health care I’m gonna have to do, and I explained that to them and I said you do what you feel like in your heart you need to do, but I’m just letting you know as a warning this is things I have to think of as a business owner.” 

~Las Vegas business owner to radio host Kevin Wall on 100.5 KXNT, after firing 22 of his 114 workers yesterday.

So while Wall Street and Big Business spent big against Obama and for Romney, the will be doing just fine. The fact is, Obama has proposed tax cuts that would benefit many small business owners, including reducing the corporate tax rate for just 25 percent for manufacturing companies. Stocks on several companies went up following the election, including Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (SWHC), Strum, Ruger & Co. (RGR), HCA Holdings Inc.(HCA), Health Management Associates Inc. (HMA) and Centene Corp. (CNC).

Yes, we will continue to live in an economy where most of Americans toil their lives away with few options, little upwards mobility, fewer and fewer rights, all in the servitude of the American wealthy ruling elite class.

How dare the peasantry feel entitled to rights?

Many serious and egregious issues that affect Americans every day will go unanswered, as they went unquestioned during the election.

I’m starting to think that Reality isn’t that which we make it. Because who would want all this?

Stranger in a Strange Land 2012-11-10: Reality by The Stranger on Mixcloud

~The Stranger


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