Occupy the Airwaves!

Still reeling from the Mutiny Radio occupy coverage, and a fantastic week of bloody internet battle, The Stranger interviews Kyle McCarthy of Occupy Student Debt and ‘Default: The Student Loan Documentary‘ about the usury and predatory practices of large corporations like Sallie Mae. If corporations are people, they are really, really bad people.

In The Hall Of The Mountain King – The Marimba Belles
the upper class – the poets of rhythm
Hogan’s -Simon Haseley
You Wish -Nightmares On Wax
Wanderer’s Lust -The Joe Beats Conspiracy
Sacrifice (Instrumental) -Liferexall
High Noon -Dj Shadow
Anything Can Happen -Souls Of Mischief
Mist -Tsutchie
Chinese Water Torture -Jedi Mind Tricks
Lost Invisible -Think
Come Rain Or Come Shine -Dinah Washington
I Wish It Would Rain -The Temptations
In The Rain -The Dramatics
Stop The Rain -Average White Band
Journey To Arnhemland -Jamiroquai
Beyond The Darkness -Mr. Hill
Dream Sequence-Amon Tobin
Suicide Sun Gem-Akasha Project
School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell)-Chuck Berry
Late For School-Steve Martin
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)-Pink Floyd
Bali Ha’i-Tak Shindo
La Longue Marche-Janko Nilovic
The Pickup-Nino Rota
Piano Black-Seatbelts
Incidental Black Cloth-K Fleins Field
Anger Management-Dan The Automator
4:08-Clutchy Hopkins
Electric Blue-Danny Edwardson
Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim-Ozdemir Erdogan
I just want to make love to you – etta james

~The Stranger

the revolution will be podcasted


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