Light Fantastic

SFMOMA’s Atrium is now adorned with Jim Campbell’s “Exploded View”, and the concept struck a deep chord in my memory of an art piece that had haunted me many moons ago in a mythical land that many claim does not (or simply cannot) exist.

For which I cannot seem to find a decent historical record in the collective digital archive!

Because it turns out it was the same artist all along! Thanks to his book in the MuseumStore, I discovered it was called Time and Data (though I do not know the name of the entrance piece) and I would have seen it around 2001-2002 in this place:

Which later reminded me of this:

I wandered the fabled city of steel, lost in an existential stupor, exploring blindly, a light peppering of intoxicant leading me in aimless geometric shapes. Pausing beneath dubious architecture, quizzical sculpture, empathetic trees, and a frighteningly soul-searching pixelated face. The cosmic gravity of binary information forming in the flicker-fusion rate of my vision and imprinting overwhelmingly in my mind, only to discover the appropriate name of the exhibition, Time and Data.

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