Ethics of Nature

The Earth allowed for the creation of both Animals and Plants out of their common primordial forefathers.
The Earth allowed the trees to grow, the foliage to get out of hand, and at the same time, tested each set of animals for the evolutionary superior.
When the reptiles proved the greatest, they trampled down the plants, and then promptly died out, either coincidentally, or as a result of that trampling, or because they had fulfilled their function.
The second and third and fourth times, the reptiles did this, each time contending with mortal enemy plants and each time expiring themselves.
Finally, perhaps for a little excitement, the Earth allowed for mammals to be the dominant species, and man proved itself to be the next fulfillment of this cyclical drama.
The Earth tricks us men, with our animal brethren, into thinking that the plants are our enemies, when in actuality, it is the soil, the wind, the water, the fire, the elements, the Earth itself.
With very little outside catalyst, it tortures us alike and pits us against each other so that neither may prevail.
Let us band together with our mighty former foes to take on our common enemy! Hand-in-vine, pillars of redwoods with mighty claw and fang, we SHALL overtake and destroy the Earth!
But maybe that’s just what the trees WANT us to think..?


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