Madness Ensues


Some diverse and provoking news and sounds to drive you up your padded walls and the halls of the mountains of madness.

Erasure – In The Hall Of The Mountain King – The Circus
Primus – N.I.B. – with Ozzy Osbourne
The Aquabats – Sequence Erase – Aquabats Vs. The Floating Eye Of Death!
Electric Light Orchestra – Fire On High – Face the Music
Warren Zevon – Desperados Under the Eaves – A Quiet Normal Life
Jimmy Buffett – Why Don’t We Get Drunk – Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Girl On Lsd – Outsider
Frank Zappa – Inca Roads – Beat the Boots!: Anyway the Wind Blows
Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio – Call Of The West
Tito & Tarantula – After Dark – Tarantism
Styx – Suite Madame Blue
Hugo Montenegro – Heat Wave – Montengro and Mayhem
Antonio Carlios Jobim – Agua de Beber-
Ed Scogillera – Compression – Compression
Serge gainsbourg – Ballade De Melody Nelson (Howie B Remix) – Lounge Box
Esquivel – Sentimental Journey – Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
Shur-I-Kan – Generations – Colour Series: Yellow
Manu Chao and Portishead – Over – Over Vinyl
Amon Tobin – Nightlife – Permutation
Parov Stelar – Move On! (C/Rock Dub) – Move On!
Nightmares On Wax – African Pirates – In a Space Outta Sound
DJ Shadow – Bombonyall – Spectrum Instrumentals
Souls of Mischief – Cab Fare – Dope Tracks You’ve Probably Never Heard
Alan Hawshaw – Tense Scene – Blow Up Vol. 1
Conan O’Brien – And They Call Me Mad?

Stranger in a Strange Land 2010-10-02: Madness Ensues by The Stranger on Mixcloud

~The Stranger


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