Science Fiction, Drugs and Rock & Roll


There are those who fight against the future, deny the science, go back on their word, and use their mad technology for evil, or just want things to go back to the way they were! If you want your weirdness to survive in a world gone sane, you’ll need science fiction, drugs, and rock & roll!

The Who – Hall of the Mountain King
Nilsson – Jump Into the Fire
Riticox – Hello Louis  – White Virus
Baba Brooks Band – Guns Fever  – The Skatalites – Musical Communion
The Crystalites – Stranger in Town  – Reggae’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 5
Kay Kyser – Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!  – Best of the Big Bands
DJ Shadow – Third World Lover  – Best of Mo Wax 12’s
Donovan – The Trip  – Sunshine Superman
Basil Poledouris – Riddle of Steel / Riders of Doom  – Conan the Barbarian
Grateful Dead – Ripple  – American Beauty
Warren Zevon – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door  – Wind
Laurindo Almeida – Misirlou  – Best of Laurindo Almeida & the Bossa Nova All Stars
Rush – 2112/The Temple of Syrinx  – R30
Amon Tobin – Fast Eddie  – Permutation
Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde  – the Mirror Conspiracy
Dissidenten – Instinctive Traveler  – Instinctive Traveler (feat. Bajka)
Mr. Hill – Whenever We’re Together  – The Darkest Hour
Lovage – Archie & Veronica  – music to make love to your old lady
Nightmares On Wax – You Wish  – In a Space Outta Sound
Mandalay – Insensible  – Empathy
Tin Hat Trio – Scrap  – Helium
Madeleine Peyroux – Everybody’s Talkin’  – Half the Perfect World

Stranger in a Strange Land 2010-07-10: Science Fiction, Drugs and Rock & Roll by The Stranger on Mixcloud

~The Stranger

“analyzing the information picked up by its sensors.”


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