Terrorizing Suckas on the Seven Seas!


Ahoy there lively sprogs, and gangway for the Stranger in a Strange Land’s second year on the Strange Seas for International Talk Like a Pirate Day! All hands on deck, hoist the Jolly Roger, and heave-to O those treacherous waters, as your Navigator smartly spins another Accursed Rime with shanties aplenty…

SRC – In the Hall of the Mountain King
Tom Waits – Shore Leave
Alestorm – Of Treasure
Nick Cave – Fire Down Below
Les Claypool – Moby Dick
Joseph Arthur – Coast Of High Barbary
The Decemberists – Shanty For The Arethusa
Jolly Rogers – The Dreadnought
Hans Zimmer – The Brethren Court
The Coral – Spanish Main
Mutiny – Struggle Town
The Pogues – Turkish Song Of The Damned
The Coup – My Favorite Mutiny
Beastie Boys – Rhymin & Stealin
Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew – Sea Weeds
Mark Mothersbaugh – We Call Them Pirates Out Here
Pirates R Us – The MP3 Waltz
They Might Be Giants – Pirate Girls Nine
The Aquabats! – Captain Hampton And The Midget Pirates!
Jimmy Buffett – The Captain & The Kid
Dave Van Ronk – The Cruel Ship’s Captain
Bob Marley – Redemption Song
Bono – A Dying Sailor To His Shipmates
Frank Zappa – Naval Aviation In Art
Grand Funk Railroad – I’m Your Captain (Closer to Home)

So don’t touch that sextant and keep ye coordinates locked to 87.9fm Pirate Cat Radio, ye filthy bilgerats!

Stranger in a Strange Land 2009-09-19: Terrorizing Suckas on the Seven Seas by The Stranger on Mixcloud


~The Wayfarin’ Stranger

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