Be cool, be cool, stay cool, be cool!


DJ Oa guests with Flanksteak McGhee, bringing a playlist and giving yours truly more time to focus on news.. Monkeys, Air Sex, Crop Circles and more on tonight’s Stranger in a Strange Land.

And what is up with handshaking, anyway?

Bosses de Crosses – Aksak Maboul
Hooky Junk – The Gourds
Turtle Head – Organic Junk Fude
Land Hobo/Monkey Dancer – Need New Body
Pennsylvania – John Linnell
The Stars & Stripes Forever – Matmos
Crime Of The Century – Dreadnots
Everyone Is Afraid Of Clowns – Kumquat
But I Was Cool – Oscar Brown Jr.
Concrete & Urine – Danny Cohen
High Heel to Mammal – Yip-Yip
Sap Alan On The Tellial – Mong Hang
Karadir Kara – Mustafa Özkent
Potholes – Randy Newman
Megaton B-Boy 2000 – Handsome Boy Modeling School
Fat Lenny – Ween
Brush ‘Em – Captain Daydream
The Shining Path – Sun City Girls
Whiskey – TETRIX
Yucky Nightclub Job – The 49 Americans
Sattellite Surfer – F/i

~The Stranger

“Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things” – Robert A. Heinlein


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