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Hope and change and federal porn bailouts and missile deployments… and more of the same… weirdness… feel free to call in tonight 415-341-1199

This week’s installment: Patrick of Dammit! (dammit!sf.com) made a surprise appearance to talk about what’s going on for his band and why exactly anyone would stay up this late in the wee hours of the morning anyway.

In the Hall of the Mountain King – Will Bradley and Ray McKinley Band
Underwater Love – Smoke City
Echoes – Pink Floyd
Modern Times – The Black Keys
Soul – The Cosmic Travelers
Stormy Weather – Charles Mingus
I Cover the Waterfront – John lee Hooker
The Beast – Milt Buckner
Ghost Guitars – Baron Daemon & The Vampires
Bold as Love – Jimi Hendrix
Ain’t That a Man – The Optic Nerve
Dharma for One – Jethro Tull
In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida – Incredible Bongo Band
Stranded in Time – The United States of America
Intergalactic Motion – Sun Ra
Scorpio – Kashmere Stage Band
Inner City Blues – Pudgee and DMX
Funky DJ – DJ Shadow
Car Thief – The Beastie Boys
Electric Surfboard – Brother Jack McDuff
A Sinner Kissed an Angel – Sarah Vaughan
Stardust – Willie Nelson
Astral Trip – The Mystic Moods
What’s a Telephone Bill? – Bootsy Collins
Strong as Death, Sweet as Love – Al Green
Soul Shadows – Bill Withers

~The Stranger

I’ll reiterate: if you want an interview, or a mention, or some venue to vent, Stranger in a Strange Land accepts all people, because people are strange, when you’re a stranger…


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