These are times that try men’s patience.


Consider the butterfly. It doesn’t have to worry about oppressive totalitarian regimes the world over.

Tonight’s show impresses upon all of us to critique every source and view. Including mine. Including your own. Especially theirs.

Cogito Ergo Sum?

We also heard from Mark Bilk, whose website on ongoing international conspiracies can be found at He has some ominous research and sources there to consider…

The Hall Of The Mountain King – Will Bradley-Ray McKinley Band
Forgive Me Baby – Elmo Nixon
The Beggar’s Song – Wet Willie
Boss on the Beat – Tosca
Outro Lado – Zuco 103
I Changed My Mind – Quannum
El Bang Bang – Jackie Mittoo
September, 13 – Deodato
Natural Good – Bartel
Express Yourself – Charles Wright & The Watts Ban
Beads, Things And Flowers – Humble Souls
Voices – Elusive
Israelites – Desmond Dekker
The Jackal – Ronny Jordan & Dana Bryant
Moliendo Cafe – Sara & Creyes
Dancing Gods – Silver Apples
On the Road Again – Canned Heat
You Keep me Hangin’ On – Vanilla Fudge
Refrigerator Heaven – Alice Cooper
Metamatic – Buckethead
Slave Girl – Lime Spiders
Thank You Friends – Big Star
The Conqueror – Genesis
Somniloquy – Tin Hat Trio
Daydream In Space – The Residents
Come On Feet – Quasimoto
Glad To Be Unhappy (DJ Logic Remix) – Billie Holiday
Me And My Monkey On The Moon – Kojima Mayumi

Believing authority, believing dissent you don’t have any reason to believe me truly, how can any of us trust in our own faculties, let alone major news networks (or the underground ones)?

Stranger in a Strange Land 2008-11-15: Shit is Going Down by The Stranger on Mixcloud

~The Stranger

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


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