Last week The Stranger was on the run from government stooges, foreign agents, loan collectors and ex-girlfriends… but this week will more than make up for it as we discuss the pros and cons of lil’ Robbie Oppenheimer’s greatest hit to ever drop, resulting in those lucky enough to experience his rarest of grooves to proclaim, if only for a second or so, “Pretty…”

Here’s a playlist that goes out with a bang!

Radioactivity – Kraftwerk
Cold World – Lord Tariq
Bombay The Hardway – Dj Shadow And Dan The Automator
Primary Colored Suicide Bombing Love Song – Yasushi Ishii
Frederick Lies Still- Galliano
The World Is a Bomb – The Survival
Incident At Neshabur – Santana
A Possibility [Back Home] – Wanda Robinson
Inferno No Mundo – Bango
Suicide Bomb – Non Phixion
Missile Defense – Mansbestfriend
Man’s World – Natacha Atlas
MX Missiles – Andrew Bird
Love & Peace – The Exciters
The Bomber – James Gang
Green Grass And High Tides – The Outlaws

~The Stranger

*subject to change, as either the current location or momentum of this playlist is unknowable at the same time.


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