Tonight we face down the future in a paper-rock-scissors match of doom! What shall be mankind’s ultimate destiny, our nation’s place in history, and the legacy of the individual in an increasingly deindividuized world? Why is it that we seemed faced by the lesser of two demonic evils in so many situations: foreign policy, daily life, morality, justice, the polls this election season, and when there isn’t anything good on over a thousand premium channels? Is the New World Order unavoidable, and if so, is it inherently good or evil? Can mortal man avert a horrific fate, and how would he go about doing it? Why does my phone keep beeping when I just charged it? Yes, we’ll pose all these marginally important philosophical quandaries and then not answer them, like most media and popular culture today.

It’s heavy shit, and requires an appropriately heavy playlist. Hence: METAL NIGHT!*

Hall of the Mountain King – Apocalyptica
The Sultan s Massacre – Buckethead
Take No Prisoners – Megadeth
Brave New World – Iron Maiden
Devil in the Business Class – Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra
Chemical Warfare – Slayer
Crusher Destroyer – Mastodon
Everything Is Not Under Control – Send More Paramedics
Damage Inc. – Metallica
Breaking The Law – Judas Priest
Rag Na Rok – GWAR
Disciples Of The Lie – Iced Earth
Demon Speeding – Rob Zombie
Requiem For Dissent – Bad Religion
Goodnight Demonslayer – Voltaire
The Devil’s Skin – Gein and the Graverobbers
Wheels of confusion – Black Sabbath

~The Stranger

*The Stranger in the Strangeland cannot guarantee the consistency of this playlist taking in such improbably but still altogether possible events as: technical difficulties, the end of space and time, signal interference, and chewy nougat center.


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