What up, LJ?

Things have been so hectic on this coast, I never write a blog. The closest I get are the required weekly playlist postings and monthly rants for the radio station’s website. What’s that? ‘What radio station’, you say? Why that would be Pirate Cat radio 87.9, and here is my show – http://www.piratecatradio.com/playlist.php?dj=strange. You can listen live on the site, and hopefully soon the damn podcasts for my show will be up. If not, c’est la merde.

This also eats a lot of my time, if anyone has any interest…

I’m trying to cut back, and I’m usually playing Halo 3 until something better comes along. Sigh.

I’m 24 and trying to figure out what excites me in life. I guess, just staying busy!

If anyone has any good ideas on how to build a middle-of-the-night pirate radio audience, hit me up.

And so it goes.


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