Meet the new iPod, same as the old iPod*


Superstition – Beck, Bogert & Appice
I’m Looking Through You – The Wallflowers
Searchin’ (Pt.1) – The Ambassador
D.O.A. – Bloodrock
Dramamine – Modest Mouse
Demon’s Eye – Deep Purple
Blues Music – G. Love and Special Sauce
Enter Sandman – Iron Horse
Heartbreaker – Grand Funk Railroad
Little Bunny Foo Foo – The Moldy Peaches
Fresh Air – Quicksilver Messenger Service
The Man with the Golden Gun – Lulu
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Gil Scott-Heron
I’d Love To Change The World – Ten Years After
In the Year 2525 – Zager & Evans
Telstar – Tornadoes
Ring of fire – Dick Dale
The Audience Is Listening – Steve Vai
Eighteen With A Bullet – Pete Wingfield
Maggot Brain – Funkadelic
Locomotive Breath – Jethro Tull
Fire On High – ELO

Subject to change. Actually, most likely to change. In fact, guaranteed to change. For after all, the universe is in a constant state of change.

You know what’s funny? Humility: I should get me some o that. Right now I’m still working on disillusionment.

~The Stranger

*Apple calls it an iPod because its soothing opalescent casing houses a small intergalactic larvae, a cosmic digital jumping bean, which will soon emerge and burrow into your skull.


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