Who you jivin’ with that cosmic debris?


Which Homeless Person is Most Deserving of Your Change?
 Bag lady talking about her inner ‘tiger’ power, and won’t go away.
 Well-dressed homeless man singing operatically, smiles constantly.
 Punk kid squatter, honest about using the money for booze, curses at you if you don’t give him anything.
 Old man who thinks you are his ‘Nam buddy, telling you why white people shouldn’t box.
 Guy who took the time to paint himself silver and learn to robot dance.
 Fellow on the street corner at four in the morning screaming about ‘murder’ and ‘muffins’ and laughing maniacally.
 Fat rasta who needs the money to save his family from ninjas.
 Gay artist veteran in a wheelchair who can’t shake your hand because of a ‘work virus.’
 Dude with the skill to smoke crack mid-sentence whilst conversing at length with you.
 Just wants some shrimp-fried rice man.
 Kid who lives in a van, dresses as a dalmation, and has two dalmations.
 Anyone with a pant-leg on their head.
 Polite gentleman opening door to Jack-in-the-Box for people all day.
 Dude who jumps out of the bushes or a box in order to scare people as a ‘public service.’
 Man-lady (or lady-man?) who talks philosophy and plays chess.
 Old Chinese man playing some sort of unknown instrument, speaks no English.
 Kind of cute hippie chick offering to sell you weed, might not even be homeless, though.
 People trying to hock their mix CDs, artwork, or ‘street sheets.’
 Two-man band in the subway with a fiddle and a banjo, and sounds just fine without singing, but they do anyway.
 Man who just needs to get enough money to get his car towed out of the city just this one time, even though he’s tried this line on you before.
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One response to “Who you jivin’ with that cosmic debris?

  1. It was a tuff choice. I had a few that there close. I bet Jacob voted for the muffin murder man.

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