Your fans are slowly oscillating against you

People in California nod an awful lot. Some are vacantly reacting to words that their feeble sun-soaked brains are incapable of interpreting into easily-digestible Oprah Magazine chewable tablet form– something even I do when listening to somebody speaking to me on the bus in Spañish (aha! you said ‘trabajo!’ ‘I work!’ damn, whilst slowly realizing this I missed an entire diatribe).
Others are reaffirming that you indeed are not only grasping the delicate nuances of their speech, but are also observant enough in noticing that they are the ones telling it to you, that they are also aware that conversation is occurring. Perhaps they have been so socially conditioned by political correctness that it is in the interest of avoiding embarrassing miscommunication that they gesticulate so. Sometimes I think that the Californian mind is so advanced as to have looped back onto itself, a Möebius band of incalculable mindpower, the nodding either a subconscious gesture intended to allay the fears of the fellow conversationalist gullible enough to attempt a sparring match of wits and phraseology, or it is the wobbling side-effect of so much direct (and sometimes alternating) mental current reducing itself into mere sounds.[sciatica needed]
I spent a good half-hour trying to write this über-shwëy embeddable Flash survey ‘Which homeless person is most deserving of your pocket change?’ But not only did the code verily go wonky, but “internet explorer has stopped responding: windows vista is busy shagging some righteous mamacita, ttyl dawg.” This hastily prepared replacement survey is not nearly as pulse-raising, prescient, topical, timely, pudding, or engaging, but I think you’ll find it… existent.
Glower or Cower, what’s your take?

One response to “Your fans are slowly oscillating against you

  1. If you read chapter 15 of the Methods of Theoretical Psychology book, you’ll learn that it has nothing to do with what we’re talking about or what I am going to say.

    You’re looking too deep for answers, friend. Think with simplicity like little Frodo the wolfman in the Lord of the Rings movie did when they came upon the door that had elvish graffiti written all over it and some dude was all like “Yo, say fucking friend.” Ganondorf couldn’t figure it out, but Frodo did. Do not mistake this for the scene in the book based on the movie

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