Despite risking atomic combustion by posting so soonly after my last recentific bloggifying, I have some important NOTES:

1. I am not homeless in the future, and in fact live in a pretty happenin’ part of San Francisco called the Sunset. It is called this because it is equidistant from downtown and the ocean, you can get pretty much any citruses (pronounced ‘sit-roose-eeze’) you need, and because there aren’t as many self-glorifying hipster assholes for whom kittens shine daily from their store-bought anuses (pronounced ‘ay-noose-eeze’). Also, at night you must fight vampires in a horrid struggle to survive in a world gone mad.

2. When I worked at Radioshack (, there were like, idunno, twenty-thousand different phone charger adapters, six-million different power cord adapters, a hundred or so car power cords, innumerable audio jacks, and at least nineteen USB ends. So how will we be all decked out with cybernetic enhancements à la Lobot or Jordee if these technologies are bound to be proprietary? Are they going to be Bluetooth enabled? Wi-fi compatible? What would happen to Robocop if he had to recharge while traveling in Germany?

3. Loonchmeats.


One response to “Further

  1. i hate you.

    no kudos for you.

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