Full-on kosher?

So today, I’m like, prepping Ranch dressings or some menial shit, and LB (who has, so I’m told, solar energy) insinuated that I may be moving up in the company. Like, he’s asking me to stay with Olde Tyme Sandwiches and not a much BETTER job, so I can painstakingly move up the ladder. He’s going to have to offer me a pretty good raise though. I told him I’d be game for it if it was worth my time. If I’m going to be training to be a manager or something, that’s all well and good, but I really think there’s something better out there than, ‘guy who supervises the guy who fills Ranch dressings.’ But to be fair, that’s still better than being to the guy who fills the Ranch dressings himself. A pay increase wouldn’t hurt either.

My house is falling apart. And I think the landlord is trying to fleece us. She said something to the effect of the work not getting done because we hadn’t sent our rent in. But I didn’t send rent in because the work wasn’t done. I’m going to be the bigger man here, and let her have her little way, but if our house isn’t fixed completely to our satisfaction by the first of next month, then I’m not paying! It’s not like we’re getting a discount for having rooms we can’t use (which I assume we’re paying for in that rent). They tore out our upstairs bathroom which fucked up our downstairs bathroom. We can’t cook in our house because ever day that there’s construction there’s new rubble in the kitchen. And incidentally, we never had a fully working second kitchen as was promised us when we first signed the lease. Additionally, I’ve got clothes backed up because nobody has attached the dryer that they FINALLY brought us. This morning I got the number of the building inspector, which will be my ace to throw if I need it.

Otherwise, I’m wondering how I can put my money in escrow, so that I have it there when she’s bitching about rent for next month.


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