There has to be something better for me to do on this internets!!

There has to be some spectacular modern device of philosophical discourse or quantum metaphysical achievement or socio-political action, but all I can find are webcomics and whiny blogs. Shit. The military didn’t just invent the internet for cute kitten photos and porn. Or did they? Shit.

I hope this net neutrality thing is over with soon so that the Illuminati could just take the internet away from us.

-Clean the SPAM out of my email accounts
-Read Coast-to-Coast news
-Check out bad work on Deviantart
-Read archived Diesel Sweeties/Penny-Arcade/PvP/Scary-Go-Round/Joe and Monkey/Ctrl+Alt+Del
-Read Binary Culture/Dilbert Blog(s)
-Cruise for jobs I’m probably not going to take
-Download ebooks
-Update my Netflix queue for the thousandth time
-Filter my Amazon recommendations
-Listen to Margaritaville Radio
-Look up weird shit on Ebay and/or Craiglist (but Craigslist can be scary)
-See how far I can fly that lil’ helicopter through the tunnels
-Fill out quizillas
-Watch RedvsBlue
-Randomly search wikipedia/h2g2
-Tamper with wikipedia/h2g2
-Get the eerie feeling that I’m forgetting to do something important while I’m on the internet
-Watch old MTV cartoons and trailers for coming videogames on youtube
-Create fake people on Myspace
-Argue with real people on Myspace
-Try to get kicked off of Myspace
-Try to get un-kicked off of Deviantart
-Play pointless games and animations on Newgrounds/Ebaum’s/Albinoblacksheep
-Find horrific photos on Snopes
-Collect horrific photos in my photobucket
-Eventually make my way over to
-Ugh. I don’t even want to look at Homestar Runner
-Woah, I still have a Xanga?!?
-Post in my Livejournal

I wish Kurt Vonnegut was still alive.

So it goes.

One response to “There has to be something better for me to do on this internets!!

  1. Oh my god its John Wayne! or that other guy who filmed with a monkey.
    Im bored, I havent checked on here in awhile and to my surprise I shouldve. We’ll im off and going to go to bed probably or sniff some glue and pass out, which ever comes first.

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