Been out of the updating game for a while…

So, in the past five months, I have attended school, gotten kicked out of school for not having enough money, then gotten some leads on some job offers, gotten a piddling raise at my shitty survival job…

So I’m debating in my head; should I forsake my ‘dudeness’ and get a 9-to-5 job? That’s only an hour or two more than I usually worked. My leads are as follows… This dude I worked with at the Blues Festival wants me to do video installs, which I know nothing about, but he has generously assured me that I don’t need to, as they will provide all the training I will need. He seemed pretty enthusiastic about it. The second was this crazy Polish director who does really ritzy wedding photography, and also said he would train me, and eventually, have me doing documentaries and short films and crap like that. Promising. But he’s crazy and inconsistent and hard to get a hold of. Then the most dubious lead came from this guy that showed up at Olde Tyme Sandwiches one day and told me his cousin or something is the station manager at the local Rock station. Not my favorite radio station, not an assured position by any means, pretty much just hearsay, but GOD would I love to work in radio!!! (three exclamation points worth) It’s just that, I really wanted to continue my education, and I really want to improve my writing skills.

To be perfectly frank (or genuinely breshvic), my real problems lie in motivating myself, not in making life-altering decisions. I’ve made plenty of life-altering decisions. Look at where it’s gotten me. Maybe that’s why I’m not so self-motivating?

I just hate not being able to pay the bills AND buy groceries each month. It’s like I work my ass off just to stay in debt, and I never buy anything! I think it costs me more to get to work than I actually make, and I don’t even have a car. I can’t even afford the dentist. Once again, my mother had to bail me out there. I hate that she has to spend her hard-earned money on a son in his early twenties.

I kicked Paul out of the house. He owed me too much money and he’s a liar and a cheat and a ratfink. (I like that one.) If you don’t know Paul, then good for you. If you do, then you most likely already know everything I would ever be able to tell you about him. Two new people moved in, Kathryn and Mike (Big Dogg). An old friend is staying with us for a little while until he can get his life in order, and Duffy may be back soon.

Well, it’s getting to be that time. See you in another five months, God willing.


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