At a Future Date

I read somewhere that on a first date, the following topics were poor choices of conversation, if you wanted there to be a second date; work, family, home life, favorite movies, favorite music, how the food tastes, income, hobbies, relationships, philosophy, education, what you think about children, the economy…
Everyone knows its rude to talk about religion and politics. Lord knows if you’re talking about the weather then the date must be going downhill. But what in the world is left? Besides sex, I mean, and you’re not supposed to talk about that in mixed company, so if you’re on a heterosexual first date, and especially if you’re awkward discussing the topic of sex, what are you supposed to do besides stare at each other and grin like idiots.
Ah, true love!
“So, what do you do?” She asks.
“I’m an engineer.”
“Hm. That sounds interesting. Did you go to college for that?”
“Yes, I went to ITT Technical Institute.”
“No no…” she says, laughing, “I mean, like, did you go to a real college?”


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