Monthly Archives: October 2006


Drunk and on a GAA Computer. This somehow makes me wish I was back in School again, hanging at Jimmy’s with Duffy and Earl (what a pair!). Though I do spend an awful lot of ‘free’ time at the school. Still attending a class (WWII History) but not for credit. Come to think of it, if I spent this amount of time in classes and was SUPPOSED to be, then I might just pass. (Doubt it). I just got back from the Lantern with some Olde Tyme boyz. and a little bit buzzed. I realize ‘this is what I used to do all the time was get on livejournal and now I never do.’ All I ever do is work. Sneeze. Anyhow, I think BSH should take ff pretty soon. If the me in the future knows what that means then that’s great and if he doesn’t then disregard. That is if there is an internet in the future and not an atomic holocaust or the coming of the thousand years of the devil’s reign or that livejournal purges its history (all equally bad scenarios).

I love my job, though. Don’t tell me boss that, I’m bucking for a raise. But I get to do WHATEVER I want. And I fear this is the Golden Age before the Fall. That Dave and K-Dog were the Agamemnon and soon will come the end of the Enlightenment and enter a dark opression of… some other time period.

Fuck this. I have to break the seal now.

done and done… and a do mean done

I got a raise. That takes care of that. Now to take care of my rent for THIS month.

I’ve officially arrived in Loserville

With the paltry passing ‘D’ in Online Chemistry 101, I have my official degree. This levels the playing field to a big fat ‘thppbtptbt!’ and allows for, if nothing else, a lot more free time on my hands. Now my life consists of making sandwiches and posing questions about my future, so obviously, I’m more content making sandwiches for the rest of my future.

MY JOB IS THE SHIZ-NITE! I can drink and smoke pot and goof off, and the people I work with are such a laugh my day often goes by without notice. The work isn’t difficult, and in fact is quite rewarding. I feel a certain level of import, making sandwiches for the ungrateful masses. I only wish that I made a little more money. Just a little. I’m very worried about where rent is coming from. Especially when certain people owe me money.

As for the latter; I’ve had a lot of time lately to think about friendship, life, responsibility, and death. Well, all sorts of things, really. I want to figure out which of my projects are the most manageable so that I can actually complete one first. Unfortunately, my main concerns lie in getting the bills in on time, running errands, and keeping other people content with each other. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing between now and January, but I know a lot of people won’t get off of my back about visiting them, or getting a proper job, or whatever. Things I can’t or don’t want to do, basically. My mother actually doesn’t want me to go back to school. I understand she’s concerned about taking out loans and what-have-you, for my own benefit, but there’s more doubt in my mind concerning my future if I DON’T do it, than if I do, which is what tips the pro-and-con scales for me. And anyways, I’ve got enough to worry about besides getting plane tickets all over the country.

So, yeah, that’s what’s up with me. How are you?