I tell you what

The only time I’ve really been satisfied or comfortable is when I’m asleep. I’m not saying that there aren’t moments in my day that we can call ‘happy,’ but I always enjoy sleep on a consistent basis moreso. Maybe I’m addicted to sleep. Plus, I never ever feel refreshed when I wake up, and yet I remember a time way back when I was a kid that I was.

Even worse. Something is wrong with my cat and I have forty dollars to my name. It basically comes down to these options; I can take my cat to the vet and not pay rent, I can pay my rent and take my cat to the vet but not graduate, or I can pay my rent and graduate and my cat dies. I don’t even know what’s wrong with her! She won’t eat any catfood. She’s getting thinner and thinner and I think her eyesight and coat look unhealthy as a result. She won’t drink any water I put out for her no matter what bowl I use or how often I change it or how cold it is. She just tries to drink out of the toilet or the sink (which is unhealthier and requires more effort on her part) but I did get her to eat some turkey that I had, and then she licked on an ice cube for a long while. She almost seemed playful about it. But I know she’s in pain because all she does is cry unless I hold her cradled in my arms like I did when she was a baby. She looks so weak and when she walks she staggers. I don’t know what to do.

I haven’t bee able to do much of anything because all I have been doing is working on portfolio and working at Olde Tyme Sandwiches, all day every day. Then I go home and sleep, which as I’ve already stated was the only respite for me, except that now I lie awake worried about my cat, where my money’s coming from, and listening to some miserable hound in the neighborhood howl for his life.

On top of that I can’t stop my nose from running, which is insignificant in the grand scheme of things but isn’t needed right now.


2 responses to “I tell you what

  1. It sounds like your cat may have some kind of intestinal blockage. If you want I would be willing to toss in something so she can go to the vet. It might not be too hard to treat and its too sad to know an animal is suffering. Up to you.

  2. when my kitty got sick we had to feed him watered down, mushed up catfood through a syringe. basically had to force feed the poor lil guy. after a while he just quit drinking so we had to spoon feed him water as well. but he was old… how old is your kitty? coz it might just be old age and things are starting to break down… but whatever it is i hope you get her all fixed up.

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