Guess who’se homeless!?

Yes! It’s me!

I have no shelter to protect me from harsh elements like driving rain or ruthless 101 degree temperatures! I also have no running water to keep my skin clear and pleasantly fragrant, disease-free, or to shave and maintain my beautiful/handsome hair that all the world loves! It’s society that loses out, not me! I have no electricity and can barely charge my cell phone that I may also soon lose! I wander the downtown streets at night with an index poised on a pocketknife as I traverse certain alleys! Yes, and I call the hard metal grating of a bus-stand bench my bed, ‘Apartment Rental Guides’ my pillows, and ofttimes when my cell phone is dead my only concept of time is the sun! I await fervently the end of my savings account stock-and-store, or alternately, the inevitable mugging that would strip me of wallet and debit card security! And with no mailing address, I can neither pay bills nor receive checks! Wearing the same, sweat-stained clothes as last week, and sporting the beard ever-becoming my new social status, I continue to appear in class and build my demo reel and portfolio, to fulfill the studious obligations set forth for me four years ago by EDMC and Sallie Mae Loan Corporations, and wonder how I will compose myself in a respectable manner for work in food preparation on Friday! I hearten, for it is early yet, and though it should comfort me none to know that my troubles are young, and can improve in their nefarious threat, I look at my feet with a philosophical smirk, ponder upon the present, and do not remember the unblemished childhood, or the summers bygone in a lover’s arms, and do not look to the future, unwritten in expensive suites or roadside gutters… I look at the present! I take refuge in the university, a moment’s thought is my blanket. It is all that is truly mine. Though I have so much more to lose, I can always possess. Thoughts may haunt me, but at least that which can never leave me will always be mine.

And remember this, too: Ignorance is only bliss insomuch as it refers to the future.

Yes. It’s me.



3 responses to “Guess who’se homeless!?

  1. i’m sorry bill. you can sleep on my couch at night 😉

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