My battle against Myspace has begun

Yesterday I made a lot of annoying and/or offensive bulletins containing attacks on your religion, movie spoilers, and imbecilic ramblings on surveys and forwards. Today began the blatant racism, gruesome medical photos, claims of ritualistic animal abuse, homophobia, and more of the same religious intolerance. Tomorrow I will probably make my personal attacks on Tom, the administrator of myspace, and, if I feel cheeky enough, get a bit ahead of schedule by inititiating the sexual harrassment of various feminists and feminazis and lesbian groups. Failing that; porn, and I plan to be kicked off within the week. If I am, I emerge victorious, if not, at least I will know that I can get away with anything on that site. It is a win-win situation, which sadly, by definition, is also a lose-lose situation.

I started in on one of my last projects. I can finish it tomorrow, and then I have one more to go, which will take up the bulk of my time before it is due Wednesday morning. My parents will be here Tuesday for Buca di Beppo, and then Wednesday we go to the ball game. I should probably also learn DVD studio Pro this week. C’est la merde. I had better get going, the James Carville security guard is kicking us out of this lab.

Anyone out there want some sex? I happen to have some.


One response to “My battle against Myspace has begun

  1. Destroyed
    Good luck with your destruction of My It has consumed too much power and must be stopped!

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