I was really sick this past week. I think I’m over the worst of it now, but oh man! That was NOT fun. I really like this part the best though, when you feel good enough after being sick to really appreciate what it feels like to not be so sick any more.

All weekend I stayed in my bed with some cough drops, wet washcloth, orange juice, my robe (like the one Alan Alda had in M*A*S*H), and my teddy bear, which is NOT a koala bear. He was just born that way. Then I watched a lot of Arrested Development, listened to jazz, and made some long-awaited phonecalls. I feel better now. That incessant cough is no more than a little mucous lump in my epiglottis.

Now I have even more catching up to do in my classes. Oy ve.


One response to “Bleeeee-arrrrgh!

  1. BOOM!!!!!!!!!! Toughactintanactin
    Hey man, Glad your feeling better! Dan and I are preparing the final operations for the trip, making sure we have everything we need. We are both excited man its gREAT!!!! Anyways im going to be pretty busy the rest of this week getting things done, especially at work! A lot of projects I need to get done before I leave, they think im going to die down there or something. Oh well, Glad your feeling better man, I’ll give you a call when we are on our way!
    -Peace out

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