I haven’t slept since yesterday morning, (when I skipped class to do so) but it doesn’t matter too much because I have both a morning and an afternoon class and with that I should be back on a decent sleep schedule. I won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of that, least of all myself!

I love the smell of the 720 computer lab in the morning. The lights are off and most of the monitors are too, the shades are drawn with only bits of sunrise peeking through. With only two other people in here, each equidistant from each other, (why is it that people do that?) I can kick my boots off, relax while I wait for class, listen to computers hum near-silent.

Last night I stayed up listening to blues. And Coast to Coast with George Noory. And reading dirty stories. And playing Nintendo emulators. And sketching little cartoons for a roommate about a ninja. The worst ninja. Ever. Then my other roommate, who is sick, took about seven or eight showers to get better, so I made him (and myself) some eggs and bacon and toast, a piece of garlic each for the blood, and a big, tall healthy glass of orange juice for vitamins. Then I made some of my Roobio tea for myself, showered, shaved, conditioned, pampered, dressed, and out the door I went. I took my tea up on the roof again to watch the sun come up. I tried to imitate birdcalls and it was sprinkling rain ever-so-lightly. I stared up at the sky so that nothing else was in my vision and just got lost there for about a half-hour as the sky brightened.

I ate a chilled orange on the way to the bus and had a moment or two with Jesus, (the statue on my street, not the invisible concept of a dead Roman-era jewish man) and then snapped off a flower for my shirtpocket. I don’t know what kind. I feel really great today. (Sidenote: hair = perfect) If I get too tired from not sleeping, I purchased a Mountain Dew Livewire and a Red Bull (Emergency Use Only).

Today I am going to be more tolerant towards others.
Today I am going to compliment at least three people for NO reason.
Today I am going to be less vindictive.
Today I am NOT going to condescend or brag.

Maybe it’s just shitty luck. But I think I fell in love. I said, “shit shit shit! it always happens this time of year! damn damn damn! it was inescapable! what the hell is wrong with me that I think I fall in love each fucking spring season?” Well, I’ll get over. I got over pinkeye. Once you know how the magic trick works it isn’t as powerful anymore.

I blame all those dirty stories for this.

I should get my shoes on and get down to class and see what’s in store for me. Today will be a good day.


2 responses to “Ah!

  1. you gave me a poisoned flower last night ^_^ but it fell apart soon after you left. *le sigh*

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