Why didn’t I pass this class the first time? Now I have to re-edit the same fucking Rainforest PSA over again! And Weber is loud. And this class is too early. And I hate this class! And stating so on lj is ridiculous, but I’m really fucking bored. Agh!

So I have this Nonlinear Editing class, only at Week Three and already behind. I have no idea what I want to write for Scriptwriting, what I want to film for Film III, or what I want to do for Senior Project, and my Advanced ENG/EFP class is also all-too uninspiring. I am sooo close to graduating… why is this such a chore for me? I NEED to pass ever class I signed up for or my loans won’t cover me and I can’t graduate. I SHOULD just be able to show up to my classes and be done with it but I can’t get myself out of bed some mornings. (Though to be fair, I did have pinkeye and allergies, a sore throat and sinus problems, all tackled and defeated WITHOUT medicine. Take that, modern science, societal dependence on the pharmaceutical companies.) The only time I can get my ass to morning classes is when I don’t sleep at all the previous night.

You know what else I hate? When professors say, “Don’t treat this as an assignment, treat it as a project for your client.” They then go on to say that the client is themselves. It’s a cliche at this point, and it doesn’t work to motivate or intimidate anybody anymore.

But otherwise this has been a pretty good semester. Professor Madness was gone all week for the Bahamas, I get to watch the sunrise from my roof (when I get up at all) most mornings, and my hair has been cooperating to make me ultra-sexy lately, not least of all today.

Party at my house on May 5th. Anyone who wants to attend (Mike I know you and Dan are coming) ###-###-####.

Wow. I finally memorized my damn cellphone number. Hm.


4 responses to “AAAAAAAAAAGH!

  1. hey ultra-sexy breshvic 😉

  2. Party
    Thats right Breshvic me and Dan are coming!!!! For your soul!!!!!! Wait a minute thats not right, thats supposed to happen afterwards, after were all dead, oh well. You’ll have to show me the roof, its sounds awesome! Dan and I are finalizing the stuff we need to bring down with us. We are so psyched about this. Gas is so fricken expensive up here! The gas station down the street from where I live at, ran out cause they were selling it cheap, as cheap as a…. im not going to go into it, i’ll just get hate mail and stir up controversy and then it will be some big judicial debate thing. Anyways cant wait for the party!!!! Definently want to go back to that comic book store and eat at the hard rock cafe!!!

    • Re: Party
      Yeeeah. Both of those places burned down. Man, you missed out. It was shitastic!
      Dude, I sold my soul so many times I don’t think that any of the pieces is worth anything any more. It’s like a Smash Mouth song. And by that I mean it’s “public domain.”
      I’m a go… over… here now. Where it’s warm.

      • Re: Party
        Are you serious!?!?!?!?! No Way, I was really hoping to see that place again too. That blows oh well, More money for alcohol. Ive had one hell of a bad day.
        Cya ltr

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