It’s time to make some changes around here.

When I was in middle school I had no self-esteem and hated myself as many of us did then etc etc… Then I decided one day that things would change. I never got bullied because I made sure that I was hanging out with the “right” kids, though to my credit, I never picked on anybody and I still had plenty of friends that I guess you’d call nerdy. I liked being in the middle of the road, hanging out with popular and unpopular kids. So high school was a pretty pleasant experience, to the point that by the time I was in college I had completely forgotten what it felt like to dislike myself, to feel humiliated or concerned about what other people may think. And one might say; Oh, how great it must be to not live or die on the approval of others! Okay. But what happened is that I became a cocky, arrogant, chauvinistic prick.

So I have made a list of things to get myself back to humility. I’m not a bad person, I just have quite a bit I need to work on. If I work on this self-improvement shit, then maybe I’ll have enough of my life figured out to get started on the bigger pieces like: where do I want to be in ten years, what am I looking for in a women, or, what do I want to accomplish before I die?

5 responses to “It’s time to make some changes around here.

  1. i think that’s a good thing to do. deflate your big-head a bit lol
    good job. let’s go see my couch now.

  2. Lol. For what it’s worth I never thought you were arrogant. But hey…whatever you need. Good luck with the whole humility thing.

    • Its a Bird, Its a plane, its a…..? Well I dont know what you would call that.
      Whats up Man!?
      I Dont know if you got my VM the other day, but I have quit my security job! Glad too! No more Bull S***. Anyways, I still have som Vacation time left and I was thinking that If Dan isnt doing anything on a friday sometime within the next month I can day off and leave here on a thursday and join you and your pals for two full nights of obnoxious crazy craptactular fun!!!!!!!!! Definently drinking and, no more snakebites! for the love o god no more of those!!! By the way, I scored an XBOX 360. I had to sell my soul three times and impale a baby on a spike, but I got it. Was it worth it? Ehh its cool, but not as cool as farting flames and accidently setting a clown on fire. Never in a million years will we see that again. Layla still hasnt given birth yet and Brandon is a little bit edgy right now cause he is just waiting. Dan, he finally got himself a girlfriend! She’s real too!!!!! As of right now, im not looking for a realrionship, I just want to hang out with this one girl at this other job, so im going to try and get her new number, she likes x-men and we have a lot. Give me a call sometime, My last day with security is the 21st. Only 5 days left of it.
      I will go ahead and let you go and try to keep you up to date on things as they happen, like mad cow disease and lime disease, and did you know that benzine in soda can now cause cancer? Mine as well go live in alaska, oh wait… Polar bears can give you cancer too and so can ice.
      Enough about my Bi******
      Im outta here, Peace Dawg!!!!
      P.S. IF you feel like you are getting a little too arrogant, fill a tub with ice and stick your head in it. Oh wait that requires ice, ice gives you cancer, better use packing peanuts instead. And speaking of peanuts, I found the one and only Mr. Peanut!! Thats right! hes back!!!!! Return of the Mr. Peanut!!!!!!

      • Re: Its a Bird, Its a plane, its a…..? Well I dont know what you would call that.
        Dawg? Since when are you gangsta? Shit, muhfug, I got the mad fly notes. You don’t even know what we got up in here. Put a fork in it, it is ghettofabulous.
        Ice gives you cancer now? Damn. Now what am I going to put in my MSG to keep it cold? And I can’t use any packing peanuts because I set those on fire to keep the Splenda warm and flava-flav fresh. I mean David Banner fresh. He got slapped for ‘tryin’ make her body hot,’ and you don’t wanna see him angry.
        Shit, man. I got to go get my chips.

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