I have to add this much…

I was feeling pretty shitty. I don’t like feeling shitty when I don’t know why, because usually, and I mean 99% of the time, and all of them in the past, I know what’s wrong with me and I can go fix it. But lately…

Anyways, I went back and read some old posts, and not only did this take the time that I should have been in class, thereby nullifying that argument in my head, it also put a lot of things in perspective. Talk about dialectic, I might as well be schizophrenic. I urge anyone reading this to go and do the same. (With your own posts, silly, not mine. That is, unless you REALLY want to read or re-read all the terribly witty and classy things I have had to say over the past few years.)

And to think of what started my Livejournaling. Hm.

Life. So it goes.


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