New Year

I had a good New Year. I got back to Gotham on Saturday, and spent the day with my parents and my six-year-old-cousin Chey, though she was the only one NOT acting like a six-year-old. I was not pleased with my parents’ behaviour, especially since they are moving cross-country (VERY far from me, thank God) and I wanted to have a nice, peaceful day with them. So they left and I went to get crunked. In case I hadn’t mentioned, I quit smoking the ganja, for my future reference, on December 31st 2005/January 1st 2006. 2005 was a very interesting, heartfelt, emotional, physically strenuous year of growth, challenge, and expansion. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a man and my place here in the world. I know I am still learning, as I actually hope I will ever be, but this was a milemarker, both intentional and unintentional in many ways, of my continuing development. There are some mistakes I will never make again, some I don’t mind repeating, and some resolutions of what I would like to do in the future. And, though it was fun, I will no longer be getting stoned. This phase should end for everyone at some point, and I decided that this was my time.

To ’05: Fun while it lasted.
To ’06: Bring it, bitch.


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