Commodore Bob is here

so I would like to relate to you a conversation we had a while back that can only be envisioned as we sat up on the floor eight: the Industrial Design floor, swirling our Brandy snifters, speaking as if arrogant British Gentlemen’s Club Members were we with monocles and mutton-chops.

Bresh: What is this music we are listening to on Compact Disc, Bobert?
Bobert: Ah, you know me, Breshvic. It’s just Bach again.
Bresh: You know what they say, Bobert. You can’t go Bach again.
(arrogant chortling)
Bobery: Quite right. Quite right. Still, I’d like a compilation of other classical composers, just to mix it up.
Bresh: Well, maybe I’ll make you a Liszt.
Bobert: You know, if it isn’t Baroque, I don’t fix it.
(more arrogant chortling)
Bobert: Ah, the little people!
Bresh: Yes, they’re so Goddamned little.

It’s fun to be arrogant sometimes. It waters it down so that you won’t do it all the time. Just make sure you do it around people that you don’t care too much for in the first place.

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