Conversations Somebody Should Publish

Often times I find myself in conversations somebody should publish, this is not to taut my own dialectical skills, though they are impressive at that, but to simply relate that many moments of arguably our most intelligent as a species are lost due to poor memory, displacement of pen and pencil, or interference by illegal substances into the brain via the lungs. Theoretically speaking, of course.

Yesterday I had a conversation that I could not dare to try and recall with a Sub-Genius Athiest, an Agnostic, and a former Wiccan turned nihilist, concerning the nature of time and space as a requisite or simply coincidental habitat for our existence as well as, perhaps, a place for God to dwell as well. We do not negate the possibility of God, nor do we require it, and while I love to play devil’s advocate, and Neitzche, Descartes and alcohol were involved, Michel de Montaigne finally prevailed as the eradicator, ‘we can’t know, so why even try,’ attitude of, ‘it doesn’t hurt to believe in God, but it also doesn’t hurt to believe in Santa Claus.’ Other factors include, ‘believing in God just to get you out of hell still send you to hell,’ ‘Man=a, while God=a+b, and we have no reference for b,’ ‘if we cannot understand the concept of God (or infinity for that matter) then it might as well not exist,’ ‘are infinity and nothingness synonymous’ ‘what happens when you go from a world dictated by the edicts of free will to one dictated by fate, or vice-versa,’ ‘in order for God to exist in universe dictated by free will, then there must be an infinite continuum of universes, always existed and existing forever, and God presides over them,’ which may lead us to a possible conclusion that, ‘we, or our collective unconscious, comprise God.’ And my favorite, a quote that I received from the movie ‘Easy Rider’ ‘if there was not a God would it be necessary to create him.’

Just now I found myself in a rather intriguing conversation about cel shading and flash animation, (Samurai Jack to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends to John Allison’s illustrator work of ‘’) and Adult Swim and Christopher Guest’s ability to do niche humor, which led us into the fine upstanding art of improvisational comedy. That was fifteen minutes ago, and damned if I can remember any of it now. I would need a tape recorder, but then I would only be trusting that any of it was actually true. Anything that isn’t happening *right now* might as well be a lie. A nice experiment the next time you are on the bus or driving is to look at a passing series of numbers and see if you can remember them after they are out of your sight, perhaps proving that your consciousness exists separate of your senses. But that is a conversation for a later time.

Perhaps Plato was right, and we only become wiser through the conversations we have with one another. Perhaps Hegel was right, and we only understand the true nature of the universe through the discoveries that we make.

So, maybe what I need my own personal transcriptionist, certified, that would follow me around like in the Chappelle Show sketch and as my friends or I converse, we would also be dictating, but I cannot afford such a service, and I doubt that there are many of them that do pro-Bono work. Cher wouldn’t even do pro-Bono work.


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