Some thoughts in no particular order

6. Some people need to grow the fuck up and not take advantage of their significant others. Especially when they have two of them.
8. Is this National Emo Recognition Month or something?
2. Hooray for Dr. Tasty, age 21, and he knows why, though I don’t think I’ll discuss it here on the internet. He learned that lesson the hard way.
1. Stop with the Napoleon Dynamite shit! Nobody wants to hear you do it!
4. Avid rocks!
5. I am in a mood today, and I don’t know yet if it is a good or a bad one.
3. There are some things I was supposed to do yesterday, but it is okay, because there are some other things I was supposed to do two weeks ago.
10. I can type quietly and quickly without looking so that da Don will not know.
7. Women are stupid. That’s my allotted chauvinistic comment for today.
9. I am fascinated by Number Two pencils. They are such a major part of my growing up, moreso than any nostalgic pop culture elements.
2. English sucks.


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