Fuck the Rainforest!

Agh! Why does editing suck so much!? And why do I love it so much!?

Maybe it’s because I have little to no interest in the subject matter (a Nature Conservancy ad on the preservation of the Rainforest).
Maybe it’s because I’ve had to listen to the same adorable little girl’s guilt-laden audio track several hundred times.
Maybe it’s because my render queue has said it will be done in ten minutes, for the past thirty minutes now, and most likely will not be done before I finish this post, as it is only at 25%.
Maybe it’s because editing takes me step-by-step closer into that realm of adulthood, career, and responsibility that I hate ever so much, but editing itself is a blessing.
Maybe it is because I grok it.
Maybe I’m amazed at the way editing pulled me out of time, and hung me on a line, maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you.
Maybe its because I wish I could edit real life.

And I’m not talking your whiny emo sycophant “I wish I could get back with all the girls that got away” bullshit. No. I wish I could edit, because then I could skip past events in my life that bore me with no repercussion, the audience having *assumed* that I had done it. Fadein: I walk into class, cut to: clock speeding by for eight or nine seconds, cut to: me walking out of class. Awesome. I didn’t have to do any work, and yet, it all got done. I could accomplish major projects with cleverly edited montages, musical sequences, or simple fade-to-blacks. And during intermission, an entire month could go by. Let’s say a knife-wielding madman was coming at me, all I’d have to do was cut to commercial, and then have all that time to think of some way out of my predicament. The cops could arrive in that amount of time! And to think of it: if I edited my real life in real time, I would kick ass at baskeball! I shoot, cut to: I score! And if there’s somebody i don’t like, all their scenes end up on the cutting room floor. Not only that, but I could edit in really cool sound effects and music. Score!

Mark Out 12:49:58:01


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