May I suggest…

May I suggest that anyone who isn’t a member of Dogbert’s New Ruling Class join immediately. Scott Adams is pretty brilliant and it is the only way to save yourself before Dogbert takes over the world and uses the rest of the human fodder as slave labor and guinea pigs for the ‘send shit to the sun to see what happens’ experiments. I don’t know. I could happen. Your first task is to find the Dilbert website and join. Provided you are smart enough to do this you can join. I did. That’s not saying much.

I walked outside and hit a wall of misery. The swell of STORMWATCH CHANNEL TWO DEATH PATROL ALARMIST COVERAGE ’05 represents the souls of people much worse than I, specifically, any dead Floridians. Yes, this includes old people who would have died anyways, and crazy people with panic rooms who saw this as the Second Coming and shot themselves in the head before the storm passed and radio DJs continued making jokes about it. Mickey Mouse: dead at 77.

Really though, Rosa Parks died. I bet there’s a seat up there in heaven for her. Hm. That came out incredibly ignorant. I meant it in a good way, like; they don’t judge you that way up there… or… facing adversity or… something. (fuck off)

I wanted Cincinnati to win so that I could be smug to Pittsburghers all week, but they lost, but then I realized that it didn’t matter because I already had a reason to be smug. I am reasonably more attractive than anyone from Pittsburgh. Though, that’s also not saying much.

I’m supposed to be working. In class. On an assignment. Not on a computer. At home.


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