Updating is for Lumberjacks

I’m waiting to take my Digital audio class, I’m sort of early. My mind has not known the bounds of busy that it can be before this quarter, and it is only week one. My parents are coming up, and I haven’t even had time to form opinions of the matter. They want me to be free all Saturday and Sunday. Hah! I have to write a short story (with illustrations) for Art in Early Civilizations, I have to help Jacob and Aaron finalize our ADTV script of 30 minutes or so (or 27:30, whatever), I have to read two short stories for English II, I have to read like a hundred pages of Heart of Darkness for World Lit, (which I don’t even get because Conrad is fucking European), and get some of my shit together for Professional Development. On top of that, I have a Mystery shopper assignment, and Jim and Commodore Bob want me to go to Mario’s for wings and beer tomorrow because its the first Saturday in like forever that Bobert has had off. That’s also important to me. I have to save up money for books, each at about 70 bucks, I don’t even KNOW what I’m going to need for this class, but I can’t do homework throughout the week with seven classes, (Thank God Film Theory and Nonlinear Editing don’t require much homework… yet), and I have to organize the ADTV meetings because nobody else wants to do it, get grant information, research investors, and see if I can pick up any hours at WORK. I need to save up some money also, to get Jacob and Lindsay a kickass wedding present. Oy ve = Mental and emotional exhaust. Yeah, ma, I’ll have time to go to the freakn’ Olive Garden wit you.
I really don’t want my parents to meet Professor Madness. I know that they’ll be nice to each other I just dread that he’ll inevitably be drunk, stoned, and in bed with God knows who. And in MY most motherly voice, “why can’t he be more like that El Cocco? He’s upstanding and polite.”
And the worst part is, I’m not even panicking. Maybe I’m unhealthily regressing some emotions here that I shouldn’t be, but I feel like I should be more hectic than I am. That, and I actually LIKE it when I have too much to do. I call it, “producing.” It allows for a creatively stimulating environment. You know, I have NOTHING decent for my portfolio yet, and I’m graduating in like, two quarters, I believe. Gr. I don’t want to be a Video Engineer. I always wanted to be… a LUMBERJACK!


3 responses to “Updating is for Lumberjacks

  1. *hug*
    Let me know if I can help you out with school at all. I have a lot of time on my hands these days…

  2. awww… you sound like me. This past week was midterm week for us and I’ve felt like a chicken with my head cut off since the first week….it’s NOT getting any better either.
    We should all say a big, collective “fuck it” and go live in grass huts somewhere in Nebraska. That’s what I think. But then again I’m kinda stoned so I’m also kinda hazy on what I actually think at the moment….
    I hope things get better. And good luck with the parents. Mine want me to go to Cinci this weekend and I’m dreading it.

    • Grass huts, eh?
      Grass huts, eh? Sounds like a plan to me. I’ve sworn off the grass myself for the next ten weeks, too many classes for me and I can’t handle the distractions. But I’ll be getting it out of my system (and by that I mean INTO my system) over the next break. That, and once I graduate, Lee, Bobert and I plan an extensive Hunter S. Thompson-like trek across the U.S. of A. with stops in Memphis, New Orleans, San Antonio, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, most likely Roswell. If you want in on our collective “fuck you, society,” you’re welcome to join us.

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