Fair enough

I went to a fair this weekend. Then I went fishing some. I smoked pot while doing so. It was probably the most relaxing thing I’ve done in a long time. I wrote this…

“The Day That Everyone Wore the ‘I Heart NY’ Shirts.

They came without warning and walked amongst us, part of us, and vice-versa,
Coincidentally, as if we had all called each other that morning, wearing,
Bought at a fair or perhaps on vacation by some friend who went there,
And all you got was this lousy, ‘I Heart NY’ Shirt.
Everyone was much embarassed, but of course, impotent to offer any
Catty witticisms and snide criticisms, there were no fashion police,
All-inclusive as we were into this clique with not much in common,
Besides a reciprocative and posted endearment of New York.”

I ate a bunch of food there.


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