Aaaaaa… Break Out

School’s out for summer! Well… two weeks anyways.
All my ladies have graduated, so it’s like… Charlie after all the angels went off and got less demeaning jobs. Oh well, c’est la merde.
I have very important plans for the two weeks afforded to me..
Week One: Smoke a shit-ton of illegal substances, since I can freely admit that here on the internet with fear of little reprisal, other than that of the future me looking at this some twenty-odd years later and shaking my benevolent head of wisdom, commiserating that the means must justify themselves, and that the ends are mutually exclusive. I intend to drop a bunch of acid and perhaps other psychotropics and just share writing and readings with other so-called ‘intellectual elite’, or, people trying to fool themselves in maturity.
Week Two: Getting All that shit out of my system, going to somebody’s family BBQ get together, and a nature hike, and drinking lots of water, perhaps also buying school supplies.
I also have to fit in there the fixing of my novel, maybe investigating some publishers, and just catch up on some projects I set for myself.
I’m tuned in, turned on, cop out.


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