Classes are almost over!

I have this project due tonight (or as I lik-a to say it: to-nite) that is a SMIL presentation incorporating full A/V, slideshow and picture elements (or as I lik-a to say it: pixels). My videos don’t have audio, my audio don’t have video and they won’t jibe in any editing program, the .rp’s won’t mesh with the .rt’s and the my p’s in Oaktown won’t holla back! This is all due at six to-nite, and to make matters worse, I am wasting time on Livejournal. You know you love me.

In other, more less depressing news, I have finished my part of the short film for film class, to include, writing, cinematography, lighting, and partial directing/producing credit. Bobby will edit it tonight for its due date tomorrow, props to the man in command. And to me, for I am partially responsible for some of its goodness, but also for most of its badness. But I choose to blame that on actors. And critics. Like Gabany: Man of Action! PHILISTINES!

In more more depressing news, it looks like most of the country is willing to abandon New Orleans as a lost cause. Sincere and heartfelt prayers and thanks, whether I believe in God or not, go out to the National Guardsmen, Navy, Army, and the police officers who chose to stay without power, potable water or homes to stay in. To all the EMTs now sleeping on dirty hospital floors, in ten day old musk of unwashed clothing, many with septic juices creeping into their pores. This is not my time to blame the president, nor any other agency. Screw that. There are more important things to do. I have decided (yes, that’s right after a long talk with my mother, who happens to be paying for much of that schoolin’) that I will go, but only after I graduate, which is relatively soon anyways. Timing would perhaps be better, since they’re not really letting non-indigenous civilians in anyways. I love that city, and she needs all the help she can get, but I think enough waves have been made without my interference. I’ll let the bureaucratic bullshit pass, and then let the wind take me where it may. Indeed, float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Ah. Ah.

In more betterer news, I have figured out what my three wishes will be. C’mon people, this is the least compelling question. Everyone has to have set in their mind what their wishes would be, be they granted by hot half-naked Arabian genii, little foul-mouthed leprechauns, or some… shitty… shit… troll… thing. They are:
1. For people to act and not just say.
2. For people to say what they think.
3. For people to think before they act.

Let the whimsical little fuckers figure and try to subvert that one out!

I’m liketa go work now.


5 responses to “Classes are almost over!

  1. I admire your passion for the Big Easy situation, Breshvic. I really do and I wish you the best of luck in the endeavor.
    …….shitty shit troll thing??……People are looking at me because I won’t stop laughing……..

  2. when exactly are you graduating?

    • yes
      That is a good question. I am assuming that it is sometimes between now and when I leave for New Orleans, otherwise some key people may be pissed. My transcript is all sorts of fucked up. What’s really sad is that almost everyone I know graduated two days ago. Who will I hit on now!?

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