Monthly Archives: August 2005

No matter

Once again, my dear internets freinds, (umm… friends.. i before e except after c… yeah),
Once again, my dear internets friends, I am sitting bored like a bored sitting duck in the television studio, listening to Cy blast 1K tone at lord knows how many dB, on a computer that is not mine on an internet that I do not pay for on a keyboard where every other key sticks and the delete key doesn’t quite ebsist. Um. Exit. Uh. Existe. Shi. t.

Apparently, the new york stock exchange exploded as a result of a spoon left in a microwave. I don’t know.

I have to paint the TV studio, but I have to wait for their Engineering class, a film project to be over, and my set designer to show up.

I had a discussion recently with my friend whom I discuss ethics with. It was upon the utility of one’s decisions, and why some people act the way they do. If I have learned anything from Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison, and I haven’t, it’s that each person has to pave their own way in life, that each person can only make and be accountable for their own decisions, and that each of us have the inherent ability to better ourselves if only we have the will to do so. I have also learned that talking ethics is therefore unethical, since we each only have our own life as a frame of reference, and what is good for the goose is not exactly good for the gander, then setting a specified list of rules for everyone to follow is, then, unethical. Arguing ethics at all, then, is unethical. Telling anybody that somebody may be unethical is, then, unethical, and the physical impossibility to literally put yourself in someone else’s place, is unethical, and clearly your fault. Man, that took a turn. Fuck you, Hammurabi.

I took a Hypocritical Oath.