I ask too much

I ask too much of myself, of others, and of reality. I ask too many questions in general. Generally, I ask too much.

Are thoughts something physical, do they exist without the mind, are they sent to us from some place besides the mind, or do they exist only because we do? Are thoughts simple cells of the brain stimulated with electrical currents leaping from synapse to synapse, dendrites twittering rapidly like birds in heat? Or are thoughts independent of the mind, corporeal forms that remain long after our physical brain has decayed and returned to the matter whence it came?

What is time? Is it an illusion of a series of still images placed over our eyes to tell us that we exist in a single timeline moving forward at some arbitrarily divided measurement system? Does all of time happen within one instant, or is all of reality as we perceive it with no distractions, with no loopholes, with no catches, with no deception?

Is there only one universe, or are there an infinite number of them for all eternity, and how would we know the difference? More scarily, how would we be able to tell the difference between a world dictated by the edicts of free will and one of predetermination? How would we tell the difference between a universe with God and one without Him? And if there is a God, and we were conceived by His mind, shouldn’t our minds have the ability to understand at least part of him, to realize him and conceive him as He conceived us? Is there a collective consciousness, and if so, then I go back to the question of the infinite universes…

If there is such a thing as infinity, then how can two doppelgangers, one evil and one good, exist when one would have to go to hell and one would have to go to heaven? Do they negate each other? Would your evil (or good) twin cancel you out? Where would you go? In an infinite system, there must be no limitations, stipulations, regulations or barriers. Every scenario must and shall be played out, meaning that there must be an infinite number of universes and timelines that directly and incontrovertibly contradict each other into nothingness, as would all of infinity be?

If there is no afterlife, then what is that void? You cannot picture blackness, because that is something, you cannot picture space, because that is something, a black hole is still something, you brain in a jar in the Matrix is still something, and heavenly clouds are still something and what you see when you close your eyes is still something, as is the wolf from the Neverending Story.

And a mathematical paradox occurs to me, infinity and nothingness are semantic opposites, mathematical principles expressed in symbols because they are so abstract that our finite minds cannot understand them in entirety. But it is also logical to say that zero infinity because zero can cancel out infinity, and perhaps that the two are inexorably intertwined, are, perhaps, synonymous? Are they also synonymous with God? All things that we have no solid tactile concept for…

How can you prove/disprove infinity? How can you prove/disprove nothingness? How can you prove/disprove God?

It all answers one question easily, however, and that is the question of why I haven’t been able to sleep restfully for days.

5 responses to “I ask too much

  1. You do realize that it’s rants like this that cause me to have a raging-mad crush on you?

    • yes
      and you realize its comments like that cause me to constantly reiterate and rub in your face that you totally have a crush on me

      • Re: yes
        Due to the fact that I haven’t seen you much lately, I rather miss it.
        What can I say? 😉

      • Re: yes
        Well, what your schedule is? <—(this is how cool internets ppl do it!@!!!)
        MAXORS YOUR 8 OR dir:\ Roxors Your Boxors —- Ppl MisSing. 8doc.. . ***LIMITED TIME OFFER*** 404’d 🙂 😦 😉 ,) <some dude w/only 1 eye)) ;;FREE CIALIS:: all your base are +blip+ +blip +blip+ what you SAY!? .html monkey and win a free ipod 7777 jackpot internet casino?!?!? FREE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS.prgm MONEY JUST SITTING THERE WHY DON’T YOU SUM=42*(A1…A8)+B7 .org
        I sure hope you enjoyed that, because I am quite stoned and sitting in 615, my most favoritest of labs.

      • Re: yes
        Reading your comments are always the highlight of my day.
        I’m in 633… I will be going downstairs to eat lunch shortly.
        I’m at skoo Monday 8am-6pm, and Tuesday and Thursday 8am-1pm.

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