No Comment

There are little surveys everywhere in my life. On the internet, (the three or now four blogs I chose to sign up for because its all free and the poon is pretty tender and tasty with a hint of salt but certainly not overseasoned), the school Scantrons that tell people whether you approve/disapprove of your teachers and the class, and just random survey questions from people I know. These range from everything like “Who is hotter, Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hanks in ‘Big'” to “What’s the biggest crap you’ve ever had?” Each legitimately and strategically important to the success of someone. But there is always this third option. Politicians and Doomsday scientists use it. And it is called, ‘No Comment.’ When was the last time YOU said ‘No Comment’? Does anybody go out of their way to take a survey (be it on a street corner or on the WorldWide Web) to say ‘No Comment’? I am now going to raise the percentage of ‘No Comments’ by answereing a bunch of surveys in this fashion. Sure, it’s a waste of time. Sure, it’s a cop-out with the cock out. Sure, it’s out of the way when I have ACTUAL work to do. So why do it? No comment.


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