My, what an uneventful weekend

Not really. I did a lot of stuff, went to a punk rock show at Brave New World on Saturday. Didn’t really care much for the bands, except for the second one because it was sort of upbeat and ska is more my style. A guy got kicked out. I was drinking a little the next day, and the Zombie King was upset because the ‘gyro poster’ he wanted to steal from Tom’s has already been taken by somebody else. Also, Kane seems to need a little more pushing in the self-esteem area than I would have thought. Had a lot of fun at MacBeth, which is good. I was starting to doubt it a little but not so much now. I will probably be dropping my E-Commerce class because it is bullshit and it is better to drop now and save the money than to fail later because I do not care for it.



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