Party over here

Party at Jacob/Lindsay/Kane/Sam/Professor Madness/Zombie King’s last night. A truckload of people, the cast of which changed every half hour or so. So, instead of playing Halo2 and eating fried chicken like I thought was going to happen, I partied pretty hard. (Da Asian was still about playing Halo but jesus, man, its a party!) So I went downstairs to get a cup of red wine. Then again. Then a third time. The fourth one I had Coco get for me, then I just went down and got the jug. Suffice it to say, I passed out in the shower around four. I’m still here on Professor Madness’s computer, and I feel much better now that I have gotten some water and eggs in me. Lindsay is such a sweetheart though, she made us eggs. NEVER DRINK WILD IRISH ROSE! Shit. Shitty shit thing. Blech.

I’ll spare you the details, I’ll just use random nouns: turntables, hot girls, everybody who’s anybody, t-shirts advertising the cock size of Zombie King and Kane (why? to get them laid, silly) and a lot of tagging. I was just commiserating yesterday, in fact, that I wasn’t living enough like a real college student. Here it goes, I better get it out of my system before I have to get a real job.

Looking back, though, I guess I have been pretty college studenty. Parties every other weekend, narcotics, record store employee, sandwich shop employee, intellectual conversation at coffee shops and in the park and bookstores and spending a majority of my time on the internet or in the student lounge.

I will look back on this and smile one day, and tell my children not to make the same mistakes that I did. Ha! I’ll do it, too!

UPDATE: The next day, this cute girl who I barely remembered was at the party was suddenly being nice and talking to me. Days later, Da Asian regales me with an anecdote of my drunken hijinks in his thick Indonesian accent:
Da Asian: You reary frucked up at party.
Bresh: I fucked up?
Da Asian: No, sorry, you WERE frucked up.
Bresh: Oh, yeah, I know.
Da Asian: You say you fruck girl in green jacket.
Bresh: Oh no! I said that? I never fucked her, oh God!
Da Asian: No, sorry, you said you WOULD fruck girl in green jacket.
Bresh: Phew. That’s embarrassing, but at least its true. Sorry to bother you with my drunken chauvinistic desires.
Da Asian: Oh, you not say this to me. You say this to girl in green jacket.


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