I am so fucking awesome

I am a senior Tool salesman from Altlanta, Georgia.
I am a dead man from Claremont, Colorado, died May 6, 1984.
I am a Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for CEAI.
I am a law enforcement patch trader.
I breed specifically Philippine Crocodiles in Brownsville, Texas.
I won fourth at the USCF Masters National Track Championship.
I created the Annie Oakley comic strip in the 1920s
I am a Radio Host & Director of Raise Your Hand who has committed my life to sharing God’s love and truth to the educational community. I live in Gilbertsville.
I received the 19th annual Engineering Honors Award in 1998.
I have social security disability. I received a law degree from LSU in 1980. I am Member of the Louisiana Bar Association as well.
I am a member of the Lower Brule Soiux Tribe Energy Planning Department.
I served on the Carolinas Golf Association executive committee for 27 years, in Orangeburg, SC.
I am a member of the Saskatoon Snowmobile club since 1980.
I am a member of the Four Lakes Board Meeting.
Artist Hal Higdon credits me: “probably deserves more credit for bringing me back to the world of art”
I know so much about the new German Deco lamps specially designed to match the Interlubcke wall units!
I own Wild Bill’s Nostalgia along Newfield Street in Middletown, CT.
I ranked second with an 8.55 rating at the mens’ singles 4.0 at Kirby Park Tennis.
I am the director of global recruitment at Andersen Consulting, and also Accenture.
I graduated 2002 from Fairfield Senior High School.
I am the new first shift Assistant Production Supervisor at Kay, Manufacturing, Co.
I was born 1969 in Trenton, NJ, with spine abifida and hydrocephalus.
I own the oldest existing Firestone dealership, (85 years) located in Canton, Ohio.
Editor for the movies 30s-40s, died 1977 in Encino California.
Je suis carriere militaire, membre honoraire vie de SACO
I took silver with a time of 36.328 seconds.
I was elected for three-year term to the Fairborn, Ohio Tax Appeals Board (expired 12/31/05)
I am cheif technical officer for Lehigh Valley’s PBS/WLVT-TV.
I am a past NA and Midwinter Champion for the International Sonar Class with the Platinum Point Yacht Club, Punta Gorda, FL.
I am a Waste Leaching Test Design and pH expert at ENSCO.
I represent the owners of Queen Park Business Center, at Scaleybark and South Boulevard, in Charlotte, NC.
I am a graduate of New Plymouth High School, 1963.
I am a DNR Fisheries Biologist in Crystal Falls, studying zebra mussels.
I am a Monona Grove High School teacher and Cable TV coordinator for the Monona School District
I was of Monsanto Company, then named to the board of directors of DEKALB Genetics Corporation, I was the management consulting firm of Booz, Allen, & Hamilton.  He also served as manager of business development at General Electric Company.
I teach Chehaw Native American dance.
I was the 1974 All-Academic HB selection with the Missouri tigers.
I moved my law office from Sausalito to San Francisco.
I am Teris’ vice president for health, safety and environmental affairs
A deer ran into my Bayleaf Peddler, Wake County, NC store at Cary Shopping Center.
I was the Brigadier-General who imported the first Small Munsterlander to Canada in 1951
I did the pictures for Walt Disney’s Andy Burnett Coloring Book
I am a technology consultant for Mayer-Johnson Inc. in Australia and New Zealand
I teach German.
I have been fishing Charlotte Harbor and the surrounding area for over 25 years. I am a member of the Coastal Conservation Association and Florida Guides Association. I am USCG licensed and insured.
I am a college hockey referee.
I am a Vice Principal Pottstown High School
I teach synchronized skating.
I am a cross-country skier
I was defeated in Sausalito City Council elections by a public fear of intrusive traffic resulting from my proposed swimming pool and health center.
I am a Senior Manager of Santee Cooper Golf Management.
I also go by the stage name of ‘Tony Z’ and put on a hilarious comedy hypnosis/motivational speaking show in East Duboqur Illinois
I am a guitarist, vocalist, slide guitarist, and ‘beer’ for Planet Wenck and the Satellites.
I am a firefighter for the Yankton Fire Department.
I am a Byzantine Catholic Priest.
I am a Tom Petty fan from Lancaster, PA.
I am a member of Kiwanis and a retired attorney from Connecticut.
I was a pro league member of the Rangers in 1965
I am president and CEO of Waymar.


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